Monday, April 1, 2019

A ~ April Fools Day

    As a family we somehow never got into doing anything for April Fools Day.

    I can't say that I mind being able to comfortably live through the day prank free.

    I've only ever officially participated in trying to prank someone on April 1st one year. It was the year before we got married. We were in the middle of building a house right next to ours for my grandparents.
    One of my aunts and her family had come to spend a little over a week at our house to help with all the work that building a new house involves.

     They were still there when April 1st rolled around. The boy cousins were working on the scaffolding, putting siding on the house. We girls didn't have a whole lot to do between making meals and snacks for them.

     Cousin Emma came up with the brilliant idea that for snacks we would serve them lemonade and oreos. Only, since it was April 1st we would add salt and pepper to the lemonade and remove the filling from the oreos and replace it with salad dressing.

     We filled a plate with the tampered oreos and a jug with the lemonade and headed outside. We made our way into the new house and handed the "treats" out the window to the boys.

    We waited in anticipation for their reaction to the awful snacks we were serving them, but they simply chomped them down and thanked us.

     "Didn't you taste anything different?" one of us asked.

     "Everything was good," they assured us.

      We told them what we had done, and they simply shrugged their shoulders, saying they thought it was okay.

      We were disappointed that all our effort to prank them was wasted.

      And that my friends is the short story of the first and last time I ever participated in doing a prank on April 1st.


  1. That's cute! I let the day get away without fooling anyone and no one got me!

    1. Yay! Glad you were able to make it through the day prank free.

  2. I guess that one kinda backfired on you. I'm not into the pranking either.

  3. Few things are so disappointing as having a joke fall flat. You have to bear in mind that you were feeding a gaggle of teen-aged boys. My experience has been that you could serve them a plate of chocolate-covered doorknobs and they'd simply inhale them and never miss a step.

    1. Chocolate covered doorknobs … LOL! I've heard of people chocolate coating onions and brussel sprouts as pranks before. Both of which sound pretty awful to me.


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