Monday, April 22, 2019

S ~ Swamp

    Off of a single lane dirt road there's a narrow footpath leading into the trees. It would be easy to miss if you didn't know it was there.
      Following the path you soon leave the trees and acres upon acres of huge wild blueberry bushes growing in shallow swamp water spread out as far as you can see on your left. On your right are ferns, wild roses, and many other plants.
       The path continues through a meadow filled with flowers and soft waving grass. Giant lilac bushes and hemlock trees border the meadow, making it one of the prettiest places. An ancient wood fence still stands guard for part of it, while the sweet songs of happy birds fills the air.
       The path winds on with the swamp getting a little less swampy on my left. We can see a pond through the trees, another footpath leads to it. Moss covered rocks line the bank and into the water. A pair of wood ducks fly away as we approach. We admire the bowl like nests of fish in the shallow water.
      Continuing on the main path we pass the stone foundation of what used to be a big house a hundred or more years ago. The hand dug well still contains water. The only sounds you can hear are the sounds of nature. There's something more in the air though. A rich feeling of history, happiness, contentment, and love. Somehow we unconsciously lower our voices to whispers.
     The path leads through more trees and lilac bushes and finally we arrive at a small lake hidden away back here.
      We spend time enjoying it and then head back home rejuvenated. Time spent at the swamp is always a treat for our family.
      Yesterday LV went back there alone. (It was threatening to rain, and I knew the path was already muddy.) When he came back he shared the sad news that some beavers have moved in and chewed down basically every tree back there. I'm not sure I can stand seeing that kind of destruction of one of my favorite spots, so maybe this will be the first year I don't go spend many a summer afternoon there.


  1. The picture you paint with words is absolutely gorgeous. It is one of those places I would love spend time in.

  2. You described such a beautiful scene. I'm actually surprised that beavers hadn't caused this damage before. I hope you can still find peace and pleasure in your special spot, even though beavers did a re-landscape project to it.

    1. It will be different for sure, but I'll probably venture back before long to see how it feels since all the damage was done.

  3. It sounds like something out of Anne of Green Gables:-)


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