Saturday, March 31, 2012

Little Lessons ~ Wood Thrush

I love listening to birds sing and especially like the song from the wood thrush. It is one of the first birds you hear in the morning and one of the last at night. It often continues its songs long after dark.

It reminds me how easy it is to praise God and rejoice when everything is going our way by singing all day long and how even when the sun goes down and it grows dark it remains unwavering and keeps right on singing.

I also don't want to allow circumstances to keep me from praising and rejoicing, always.


  1. I love it - it's so easy to be joyful and praising when all is well and going our way, and yet we need to continue to do so even when things aren't. That's pretty tricky sometimes so this little reminder is perfect. ♥

  2. I love the sounds of the birds here where I live as well! Yes, nature is so good at praising our heavenly Father. I am thankful this serves as a reminder!

  3. I came back to read this again. I needed a little reminder ... Thank you!


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