Monday, March 19, 2012

Lessons ~ Maple Tree

  There is a huge maple tree outside our house. We all enjoy the lovely shade it provides for us during the summer and enjoy watching the birds and squirrels hide in its branches during the winter.

  As strange as it may sound there is a lot I admire about this tree and little lessons I can learn from it and apply to my own life.
  • It can provide maple syrup.  -  I want to always speak kindly and sweetly to those I come in contact with.
  • It provides a refreshing shade. - I want to be the type of person when at the end of a visit leaves the other person feeling refreshed, happy, and encouraged.
  • It stands strong and unwavering even when cold winter winds blow through it. - I want to remain strong even when faced with hard times.
  • It remains steady and unchanging even when annoying wood peckers peck at it. - I want to not let gossip or others opinions allow me to change who I need to be.
  • Its branches always welcome squirrels and birds to spend time among them. - I want to have our home as a warm welcome place for any guests that drop by.
  • Its roots are thirsty as it drinks from the moisture in the ground and in turn it's leaves help provide oxygen for the air we breath. - I want to be thirsty for the Word that is the ground for my faith and in turn be able to be a testimony to those around me.


  1. My dear person, I love your writings and can't wait to buy your book. Since this is something you do consistently, I thought I'd love you enough to point it out to you: "It's" is a contraction and always means "it is." When you want the possessive, no apostrophe, as: Its roots are ... . I love this tree piece.

  2. And the little seeds it drops are like the little tidbits of spiritual food we get from you!

  3. Thank you for a comment you left on my blog in January. I visited your blog in reply and find it quite charming and a breath of fresh air to my weary mind. I look forward to sitting down and leisurely spending some time with you on your blog. Thank you for some simple joy today....Karla

  4. Those are some nice thoughts. Thanks for sharing.

  5. That is so lovely! Do you mind if I copy it for our church newsletter? I'll credit you with the quote.

  6. Love this post. Wonderful food for thought.

  7. Love this! May I quote you in church on a Sunday evening? We have "specials" and they are not always musical :-)

  8. Lady Anne, Peggy, feel free to use this if you want to!


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