Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Wednesday Hodgepodge

1.  On a scale of 1-10 how excited would you be to find out there was karaoke happening at your next gathering/outing with friends? 10=gimme that microphone!, and 1=I suddenly remembered there’s somewhere else I need to be. Have you ever actually done karaoke? If you had to perform karaoke what would be your ‘go-to’song?

I would be a 1 on that scale. I have zero desire to sing in front of a crowd. I've never done karaoke, but I have participated in a special at church. That was a once in a lifetime experience.
If I had to perform karaoke I would probably choose to sing Forever by The Afters.

2. How do you listen to music these days? Favorite app or do you listen the old fashioned way? Do you have music playing often in your home? Is there still a CD player in your car?

I have the bluetooth speaker that used to belong to my brother Mahlon. I usually listen to music from Youtube with it. We don't even have a radio at our house, but we have music playing often. I think we have a CD player in our vehicle, but I haven't actually checked. We never use it though, as you probably guessed since I'm not 100% sure if it exists.

3. The Hodgepodge lands on US tax day this year. Or what used to be tax day before everything including filing your taxes was canceled, delayed, postponed or extended. FYI- filing your taxes has not been canceled, only delayed for a bit.

Besides staying away from anyone and everyone, what have you found taxing lately?

I have found it taxing to not be able to get everything on my grocery list from one store. I will only go out for groceries once a week, so if after checking several stores and not being able to get what I thought I needed, I find that what I thought I needed can wait for another week while I get creative in ways to make doing without, doable.

4. You’re without power so no oven, and you can’t open your refrigerator or freezer in order to keep what’s in there from spoiling. And you don’t have access to take out. What will you make us for dinner?

That would be a challenge for me since I have an electric stove, so I couldn't make anything hot. There's always the option of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with a side of pork and beans.
I think I'll skip that meal, and now I should go reassess my options, because I'm sure one day I'll have to get creative like that, and I have no desire to eat what I just mentioned.

5.  I’ve seen this exercise going around Facebook and thought it would be a good one to include in the Hodgepodge...what are five things everybody seems to love and go crazy for that you personally don’t care for?

Peanut butter in baked things. Just no!
Steak. Another hard pass.
The beach. I won't go into all the whys of that, but it is not a place I would choose to go for a vacation. I've been to the beach several times. I like it less each time.
Selfies. More like self inflicted torture. I don't enjoy being in front of a camera.
Makeup. I can't stand how it feels. Even though the mirror may say I'm prettier, my skin is there yelling. "Wipe it off! Wipe it off! There's something on your face. It's gross, It's awful. Wipe it off!"
Maybe I was too old by the time I first tried to use make up that makes I can't stand it. I've done it myself. Had someone else do it. Allowed my girls to give me a  makeover. It's all the same whether it's done professionally or not. I can't stand wearing it, and so I don't.

6.  Insert your own random thought here.

I've been enjoying seeing the baby calves that are making their appearance. A sure sign of spring here on the farm.


  1. It must be lovely seeing new life coming into the world, especially during these difficult times. I get the makeup thing. I've never been one for wearing much and not all the time either. For something special I'll make an effort but not everyday. I'm thankful that we have a gas hob so we'd cope in a power cut - as long as we haven't run out of matches!

  2. We have an electric oven, but a gas cooktop, simply because we live at the very end of the power line, and the electric goes out about three times a year. I don't mind sitting around in the dark, but I draw the line at being hungry!

  3. I didn't even think of the fact that I could cook on my gas stovetop. Don't know if I would change my answer since most of what I would want to cook would be in the fridge.
    The beach is my favorite place but I have heard that are people that don't like it ;)

  4. I was looking for baby cows on a drive the other day and got excited when I thought I saw some...but when I turned my head I realized they were goats. Made me laugh. I totally understand your grocery feelings...I too find myself annoyed I can't get all I need but then find that what I have is enough for now. Happy Hodgepodge.

  5. I agree with you about makeup. I think it's just nasty. Chemists have proved that they can make the worst refuse in the world smell okay by adding guano into cosmetic products. The thought gives me shudders. Have a great day!

  6. I'm finding it frustrating not being able to find what I need at the grocery store too. Stay healthy!!

  7. Baby calves -- what a delight they are to see in the fields near my house.

    I live in hurricane country, so we have to keep non-perishables on hand. Still without a way to heat canned goods, peanut butter and crackers is about the best I can come up with!

  8. I won't take a vacation at the beach especially if it's in the summer. I do enjoy ocean beaches in the winter. Grocery store shopping has been a challenge. I agree. Good idea to get some things in your pantry that you would enjoy if the power goes out.

  9. Interesting set of scenarios . No for the karaoke for me. I love good music, but mostly have it quiet in the house. I love the peacefulness of a quiet home. No beach for me, unless I can be full clothed and walking down the beach. It would be hard to make a meal without using the oven. One thing where we differ, i wear light makeup every day and like it.Oh well.

  10. We have been doing a weekly Walmart online grocery shopping list and have been surprised that we have gotten almost everything on the list. When you put your order in, you might as well plan not to get it for several days and you can pick whatever time is available after that and have time to edit your order up until about an hour before it's ready. They will text or call you when it is ready and we even got ice cream that was right out of the freezer. Quite impressive so far and it is a free service!

  11. I also have an electric stove top and oven, and happen to love anything peanut butter, so that was my food of choice for this answer. We do have a gas grill, so I suppose that would open the door to more options now that I think about it. Just hoping I'm never faced with that situation. We are doing call-in, pick-up orders at our local Krogers, but there is a four day wait time, and then you wait an hour or more to get the pick-up. Crazy times aren't they.

  12. I enjoyed reading your answers.

    I get the makeup thing. I can't wear it, and am glad of that, because I have no desire to do so.

  13. Baby calves what a bright spot to your day. I am doing pick up at Wal-Mart but I miss choosing what I want and then the wait times are horrible.

  14. I have a gas cooktop but in this recent outage we could not get the burner to light. We have farms nearby and I always enjoy seeing the babies this time of year. Course we're not out driving around or going anywhere just now so we're missing it. I wear very little makeup and in this era of social distancing even less.


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