Saturday, April 4, 2020

D ~ Daily Dozen

    The daily dozen, a little phrase we always used while we were Amish. It referred to all the things you did around the house daily.
     As a young Mom with three preschoolers, if one of my friends asked me what I did the day before and I told them, 'the daily dozen', they would smile, nod, and understand. Being in the same boat with their little families and their own little daily dozens that they were thankful got completed by bedtime, they understood how full a day could be without having much to show for or talk about.
      There was/is no set list of things that belong on the daily dozen. Some moms might have had fewer than twelve things on their daily schedule, while others had more.
       Here is what my daily dozen looks like.

  • Cook three meals  
  • Do dishes and sweep kitchen floor after each meal  
  • Wipe down stove, and stove hood with vinegar solution 
  • Change out dish cloths and towels 
  • Sweep all rooms on main floor 
  • Clean bathroom, scrub toilet, wipe down vanity, clean mirror 
  • Make beds 
  • Change bags in trash cans 
  • Fix couches (covers and pillows) at least once 
  • General tidying: toys, mail, clothes etc 
     As a mother to young children that list expanded to include all the things that caring for them involved.
      We also used the phrase, 'the weekly seven' where there were other household chores that needed to be done weekly that we tried to incorporate one or two into each day in addition to our daily dozen. 
        That list included laundry, baking, washing windows, cleaning the oven, and a few other items to keep the house running smoothly.


  1. Thanks! This is a really simple way of organizing priorities.

  2. What a great list. I'm willing to guess that most of us do those things without even thinking of them anymore.

    1. I had mentioned the daily dozen on my blog before and had readers wondering what it is. It wasn't until I sat down to write this that I actually put them into a list. You're right, we do those things without even thinking about it. :)

  3. Sounds like a good way to stay on top of the work.

  4. The daily dozen, I love that and feel certainly like that's what I'm doing everyday during this isolation time. I'm ready for it to end and get back to our normal lives. Happy weekend!

  5. What is the vinegar solution you use for your stove please?

    1. Equal parts of water and white vinegar in a spray bottle works great to keep our stove clean.

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    1. Love your schedule, complete with having the Squire cook your breakfast!

      Mending has never been my favorite either.

      A bread maker, dish washer, and a self cleaning oven sounds great! Hopefully with time I can add them to my list of helpers too. :)

  7. I like that. Sounds so much nicer than saying, "Oh, the usual chores," or something like that.

    1. 'The daily dozen' has a little more of a ring to it, doesn't it. :)


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