Wednesday, April 15, 2020

M ~ Mugs

    I've lost count of how many mugs have come and gone over the years.
    We've received quite an assortment as gifts. We'll give them a try, but most often they get pushed toward the back of the shelf where we keep our mugs. When we go on a cleaning and decluttering spree it always seems as if the mugs multiplied. Somehow we always have mugs to donate, and still we have more than plenty left over.
    We each have a favorite mug or two. I have two favorites. One for hot beverages such as tea or hot chocolate, and one for cold drinks such as grape juice with my popcorn or milk with a freshly baked cookie.
    It may be only my imagination, but I think different mugs make things taste different. Has anyone else experienced that?
    As a young girl I had a favorite mug. It was a little smaller than a regular sized one, and had a blue striped pattern. I loved it.
    I still don't know what possessed me to do it, but one day I got the brilliant idea to take that mug and drop it down behind the kitchen counter. Our counter had been custom made for a different kitchen and had a space in the corner that had been specially made to accommodate some pipes or duct work in the original kitchen.
     Every once in a while something would drop down there and then we would go through a struggle to retrieve it with the aid of the stove poker and a lot of patience.
     I knew the mug would be an easy retrieval. All we would have to do is hook the curved end of the poker through the handle and I'd have my mug back. I didn't want that to happen though, so I took a yard stick and carefully pushed my mug out of sight underneath the counter.
     I thought it would be so much fun to get it back once we removed the counter to have Mom's new cabinetry installed. It would probably be a few years, but what fun once I could have my favorite mug again.
     Years passed, and I would think of that mug every once in a while. I was a little irritated at my past self to have done such a silly thing.
    Finally six weeks before LV and I got married, Mom got her dream kitchen cabinets. As they removed the old ones I looked for my mug. It was no where to be found! I'm still mystified by how it disappeared so completely.


  1. My husband will soon bbe 79. When I met him, 8 years ago he was drinking out of a mug that said, "Fifty is nifty." He used only that mug until yesterday when he dropped it on the kitchen floor. Hours later, he was still in the kitchen, trying out all the mugs in our cupboard. At bed time, he announced that he thought maybe he was in mourning for his 29 year old mug.

  2. I have a particular mug that is always used for my morning coffee. It has to be that one!

  3. I have one mug that I drink tea from and another I use for hot chocolate. The hot chocolate just down't seem to taste the same when I use the mug I use for my tea.

  4. I have three coffee mugs, and they are all LARGE. When I want a cup of coffee, I'm not fooling around. My parents left me a copy paper box of mugs; Daddy was a clergyman and didn't smoke or wear neckties. Socks, wine, or coffee mugs were just about the only gifts the poor man ever got.

  5. I have favorite mugs too. One for milk and one for hot tea or hot chocolate. (I'm not a coffee drinker.) We may as well get rid of most of the mugs in the cabinet because we never use them.
    I wonder what happened to your favorite mug? It's destined to remain a mystery.

  6. Oh yes, I agree with you...different mugs make things taste different! I too have my favourite books...I like the thin lipped ones the best.
    I enjoyed the story of your blue striped strange that it completely disappeared!
    Have a blessed Wednesday!

  7. Yes indeed I have favourite mugs and yes different ones make things taste better. Wonder where your mug disappeared to?

  8. I found the story of your favourite mug rather fascinating . I do wonder what happened to that mug.

  9. The mystery of the mug. The haunted mug. I have a few favorite coffee and tea mugs and cups too. One says Keep Calm and Carry On, ideal for these difficult days.

  10. I wonder what ever happened to your mug. Sorry you didn't get it back like you hoped you one day would.

    I used to have a large collection of mugs, but now have a much smaller one. I still go to the same ones though, only using the others rarely if at all.


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