Tuesday, April 14, 2020

L ~ Lazy Susan

    Our kitchen may be small, but it includes four lazy susans in the corners of the kitchen cabinets. I have mixed feelings about them. On one hand I like that I can turn those shelves to find what I need. On the other hand I don't like how often something catches while I turn the shelves. It cause things to fall, and make a general mess of what ever shelf the thing that got caught was on.
   In the upper cabinets, my favorite lazy susan is the one that houses our fun baking supplies. Spices such as cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, and cloves. Baking soda and powder as well as clear gel and tapioca all have their rightful spot in there. But what makes it so pretty is all the baking extras. The sanding sugars, cake decorating supplies, and cupcake liners. Rosie Mae used to make a lot of cupcakes and we had just replenished her supply of liners a little before she started her new job. Cupcakes are few and far between now, so those liners will last for a long time. At least they're pretty.

     The second lazy susan is where I keep all the spices I use for cooking. Including the blends I mix up and store in cute glass jars. The top shelf is boring with its multivitamins and handful of other supplements we use.
     The lazy susans in the bottom cabinets are much bigger. The one has all the bigger baking supplies such as flour, sugars, etc. as well as mixing bowls, colanders etc. And since the cabinetry was so small that there simply wasn't room for proper drawers, I bought a set of small plastic ones to set on the top shelf of this lazy susan as a place to keep my potholders.
     The last lazy susan I use more like a pantry for all the other things I need. Olive oil, vinegars, extra condiments, popcorn, and other pantry staples.
     Would I choose to add lazy susans to a kitchen if I were the one in charge of designing it? Probably not. But for now they're part of my kitchen, and since I love working in the kitchen I shall also love my lazy susans. At least I'll try.


  1. I remember being fascinated by the big lazy susan our friends had on their dining room table. As they had a large family, it made life easier when it came to everyone reaching what they needed at the dinner table. However, being the curious little girl I was, I wanted to see what would happen when I spun it really fast (and I might just add it was laden with condiments for the next meal)...well, I'll leave it up to you to imagine what happened next. I am still embarrassed just thinking about it! {{smiles}}
    Happy Tuesday!

  2. Your photo of all the cupcake liners and sugars made me smile. I loved reading your description of how you use your lazy susans.
    I have only one and it houses my oils, syrup, coffee supplies, etc. I used to have two before the kitchen remodel. I always wanted one until I had one although it is still a convienent way to get to things. The reason I have a love/hate relationship with mine is when things fall off the back. It's impossible to retrieve the item without removing everything from the bottom shelf and crawling inside the cabinet. Not much fun there.
    Wishing you a lovely spring day.

  3. I have two last susans in the kitchen cabinets to hold my spices. I keep them in alphabetical order, and there isn't enough space on one to hold them all. I also have one in the fridge, to keep bottles that won't fit on the door - Dijon mustard, tartar sauce, a jar of fresh ginger in cider vinegar, etc.

    I recently did a *major* cleanout of my kitchen cabinets, and there were a lot of duplicate and quite a few "Why-did-I-buy-thats". Between the turntables and a bunch of little baskets from the Dollar Store, things are much easier to find.

  4. That lazy susan with the pretty cupcake liners is so decorative .I only have one large lazy susan and I store pots and pans on it.

  5. I don't even have one in my kitchen. Nothing against them, but I never felt the need, and nobody ever decided to buy me one, so between those two things I just never ended up with one.


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