Saturday, July 2, 2016

Picture my Week

My camera was on the fritz for the first part of the week, which means I wasn't able to capture any pictures on those days. Happily that was remedied, and the rest of the week I was able to take as many photos as I wished.

Buddy loves being outdoors. He has a hard time walking by flowers without stopping to smell them.

It's amazing how fast our creek and waterfall dry up when we have a few days without rain. Sad really, especially for a water loving family.

More puzzles made their way through our "school" room. Sunbeam and I did a few. This was one of our favorites. Rosebud would have been welcome to help, but she prefers working on puzzles alone.

Buddy has a thing for sticks. He'll pick them up and carry them every where. Some even make it into the house occasionally. A big one he found worked well to make music on the wind chimes.

Popsicles are a great way to enjoy a warm afternoon. Sunbeam and Buddy are the only  ones in our family who enjoy them, but enjoy them they do!


  1. Little boys and sticks :). My boy is the same.

  2. Love the pictures of Buddy and the sticks and flowers. Precious memories. I haven't heard the phrase, "on the fritz" for years! My Mom used to say it all of the time. Thank you for the memory.

  3. What's up with boys and sticks??? LOL. I wouldn't change little boys for anything! 😊

  4. S and B have the right idea. Talk out all the important things over a popsicle chat. The world needs reminded of this.
    Your chimes must sound beautiful. Maybe B can work out a tune on them with his stick.

  5. I have just been browsing your delightful blog and will have to go back and start at the beginning.
    Lovely photos of your week :)


  6. I always enjoy your blog and comments, too. "On the fritz"... a phrase from my childhood, too, as we had an AC that was always "on the fritz." I use it occasionally when something is not working well. Brain, for instance :-) Love little boys and their sticks! Had 3 of 'em. A cute memory: "Charlie", a neighbor's grandson (about 6) told our son (and us) that his mom wouldn't let him play with boys who played with sticks or had dirty faces. Now, it's not nice to burst out laughing when children speak, and I had a VERY hard time...however, I did manage to tell him that I couldn't guarantee either at our house so he would have to decide for himself what to do. I might add, he was carrying a chunk of wood (not exactly a stick) at the time... We offered him a snack and when he left our house still with that chunk of wood, he had a dirty face to go with it!


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