Saturday, July 30, 2016

Picture my Week

Remember those rosebushes Sailor and I planted earlier this summer? We've been fighting the Japanese beetles that want to snack on them, but they're beginning to bloom!

Imagine looking out the window and seeing your daughters trying to walk along the edge of a waterfall as they have seen the geese do often. What do you do? Grab the camera, and pray the entire time until they're safely back on solid ground! At least with the lack of rain we've been having, the waterfall wasn't gushing as it would have been otherwise.

Buddy has an eye for seeds dropped by our maple tree. He loves dropping them over the porch railing and watching them spin their way gently to the ground. I must admit there's something fun about watching them spin, and I've been wasting a lot of time helping him play with them.
Rosebud made another batch of donuts with Sunbeam and Buddy eagerly observing. They begged a few of them from her as soon as they were removed from the oven and promptly went to enjoy them on their favorite snack eating spot.
I spent some time sketching the entire United States onto a piece of white fabric, twice. As we do our state studies this year in our school, the plan is to have the girls applique the state we're studying onto the fabric. Once they're done we'll add some borders and quilt them.  They'll each have an interesting lap quilt, hopefully with a lot of fond memories attached.
A warm brownie, a scoop of vanilla ice cream, and fresh peaches drizzled over it. The perfect treat on a summer day!


  1. I'd be praying too, seeing my kids on a waterfall! Beautiful photos :-)
    That's a great idea for studying the states.
    Enjoy your weekend! ♥

  2. I enjoy your Picture my Week posts so much. It's neat to see a glimpse of someone else's life, lol.
    Those US map/lap quilts are going to be precious!

  3. My siblings and I used to stick the seed pods from our maple trees onto our noses. :) I love the quilt idea!

  4. I love Every. Single. Word about this post. The happiness and contentment are wonderful. It's never a wasted moment when you play with your children. I wish I could have another day to play with mine. You are blessed MaryAnn. And that U.S. State map lap quilt is a fantastic idea.

  5. Oh my,how your kiddos have grown. Beautiful post MaryAnn....hugs

  6. The rose is beautiful..The Japanese beetles are driving me crazy this year


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