Saturday, July 16, 2016

Picture my Week

To start our week LV had his remaining vacation days. He spent them working on a project here at home, and when he had to go get a part for it, I rode along. It wasn't supposed to take long. As could be expected, it took much longer than anticipated. I sat in our vehicle waiting on him. The sun was hot and the faint breeze that wafted through the windows occasionally kept it just bearable. While I waited I watched these two cut oats. Neat bundle were spit out the side and were then put into shocks by a group of boys that followed behind the machine.

I really enjoyed my favorite summer sounds: birds singing, breezes rustling the leaves, and my wind chime.

This moth made an appearance. We had never seen one like this before. Unique and pretty!

Buddy has set up an elaborate track system through several rooms for his toy cars. I spent most of the week dodging this section when ever I entered or exited the living room.

Rosebud made some cupcakes to enjoy when friends came over.

She decided to try out a new recipe for the frosting. It made a huge batch, so the next day a layer cake was baked to use the rest of it.

Buddy decided he wanted his face painted with his finger paints. Sunbeam was happy to oblige even though finger paints don't work the best for that. After multiple tries of taking a picture where Buddy kept bursting into gales of laughter this was the best we could do. Funny how sad he looks, when in reality he was anything, but.


  1. I loved hearing your summer sounds! The wind chimes sound beautiful. They remind me of summer time spent at my grandparents house.

    Thanks for the memories.

  2. I know those exact shocks. Next time you are in my neck of the woods, please come a bit further down the same road and we will cool you off. :)

  3. Beautiful--the hand of God in all.

  4. Beautiful chimes. I have a set that I love to listen to. That frosting! My goodness. She could be a professional baker and the last photo made me smile. :-)

  5. I love windchimes! I enjoy hearing all the sounds of summer. That frosting looks delicious!

  6. The wind chimes sound so beautiful! Thanks for sharing that with us, as well as the other pictures. Rosebud is quite the cake artist, and Buddy sure is getting big.


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