Monday, July 25, 2016

Wintery Daybook

For today.....  July 25, 2016

Looking out my window.....  Even the leaves on the trees are looking tired, from all this heat.

I am thinking.....  that I can't wait for the day when winter winds whistle around the corners of the house, heaping drifts of snow, and I'll finally be comfortable again.

I am thankful.....  that every day brings me one day closer to winter.

One of my favorite things.....  winter days.

I am wearing.....  A pink and black top, and a charcoal gray skirt.

I am creating.....  lesson plans. I start with the base provided for in the curriculum that we'll be using, but I branch out and dig deeper. For example Sunbeam will be studying about the country of Algeria in our first week back to school. In addition to learning what her curriculum provided, I'm finding books to read, food to try, the national anthem to listen to, some crafts, a lapbook to record interesting facts, and plants and animals found in that country.

That is only the geography. I do the same for other subjects where I feel we could do more indepth things.

Yes, I realize I'm making my life busier than it would have to be, but we love learning

I am reading......   I finished The Miting last week, and haven't started another book yet. This morning I read the book of Galatians in the Bible

I am hoping.....  That winter will come early this year.

I am learning.....  that even though I daydream about all things winter, it doesn't bring the desired relief from being stuck in the middle of the dog days of summer.

In the kitchen......  it's hot enough for me to consider serving something I never imagined I would even consider. My mother-in-laws cold soup.

 Picture thought..... 

Yep, pretty much the picture going through my mind multiple times a day.


  1. Although we, too, are having temperatures in the 90's, I never wish for winter! My preferred temperature is in the 70's during the day and 50's at night for sleeping. Oh how I wish we could put in our order for weather and have it happen! Ha ha! I enjoyed reading your list today. Blessings, Betsy

  2. I'm with Betsy, I'm so not a fan of winter that I never wish for it to arrive any sooner then it has to.

  3. Ah, yes, we also pine for the chilly days filled with cozy sweaters, mugs of hot coffee, and the scent of fireplaces all over town. Here in the middle of the NM desert, we look forward to the cool days of white (a welcome relief from the brown 😉).

  4. I completely agree, winter can not come soon enough. Though honestly, I do love fall - the days when it is 30-40 degrees out and a strong wind. I can have the fire going and the windows all open. Fresh cool air and warm firewood... Hopefully soon for both of us!

    I love your homeschooling ideas and enjoying hearing more about them - my daughter is starting kindergarten. I am so excited, we will be studying simple things like apples, fall leaves, ice cream, ect... through out the year along with the 3R's.

  5. Very hot in my neck of the woods, also. I enjoy my 4 seasons!

  6. Here in Baltimore, it has cooled down to 86 degrees at 8PM, from a high of 93, and a heat index of 107. I enjoy spring and fall, as Betsy does, with temps in the 70s during the day so we don't need either the heat or the a/c, and cool enough to sleep soundly at night.
    I much prefer winter to summer; you can always put on another sweater, but there's a limit to what you can remove without getting arrested! (My grandmother used to say it was so hot she was going to take off her skin and walk around in her bones.)
    We're retired, so getting snowed in is no big deal. We stock up on canned goods in October - things we can cook on top of the stove - and we're good to go.

  7. Take Heart- Soup weather will be here soon! In the meantime you can have cold dinners without resorting to cold soup!
    Tuna/chicken/ham salads, Dinner Salads (chef salad, taco salad, chicken salad, leftover salads..., potato salad or mac salad with hot dogs, sloppy joes or cooking you have crock pot?
    Garden veggies or fruit and cottage cheese...even a lunch meat sandwich or sub...
    I dislike cold soup so much I'd eat cereal instead if that was my only choice, but there are lots of refreshing summer suppers that don't make that necessary :0

  8. LOL! I like winter too! ♥

  9. Haha! Someone who like cold and dislikes hot even more than I do! I always say that summer is my least favorite season, although that's only because of the temperatures! I love the trees full of green leaves, but... I love my air conditioning too!


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