Thursday, April 6, 2017

E ~ Enjoy

   One of the things I enjoy the most in life is spending time with my children and seeing how much they love each other.
    I love seeing how even with a twelve year age difference between Kenneth and Steven that they really enjoy spending time together.

The girls vetoed the picture I had wanted to share of them enjoying a fun afternoon recently, so I'll respect their wishes and simply finish this post by sharing one of my favorite quotes that begins with the letter 'E'.
Each of my days are miracles. I won't waste my day. I won't throw away miracles. ~ Kelly Vickstrom


  1. Excited is how I feel whenever I get to read a new post by you! Loved seeing how loving your family is for one another through the neat photo

  2. Your kids are SO lucky - even more than they know. My mum never, ever allowed my sister and me to touch each other. I honestly believe that if one of us had fallen into the deep end of a swimming pool the other would have gone for an adult before we'd have helped each other. Seeing your boys "all over each other" makes me weepy with regret, and still feel as if they are going to get into BIG trouble any second.
    Keep climbing, boys! Keep climbing.

  3. It's great that the kids want to be together. Nice photo. 😀

  4. Such a lovely photo of Steven and Kenneth. It's obvious how your children are so close. The love that abounds in your home is the reason.

  5. I wish my two were close like that, but I have more than 16 years between mine.


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