Wednesday, April 5, 2017

D ~ D's from my Idea Book

The things I jot into my idea books that begin with the letter 'D' couldn't exactly all be called ideas, but since they're part of my books, I'm sharing them today.

Devotions Life often gives me excellent pictures and examples of our relationship with God/Jesus. In moments like that I will quickly jot down what ever it was that caused me to think deeper and how it ties in with our spiritual life. Later I'll go back and add Bible verses and references that match up with it. I find it very inspiring to read back over the things I've written.

Dinner Since I use three ring binders for my idea books it makes it easy to add and remove pages as needed. I always have a week's worth of dinners planned. At the end of the week I'll remove that page and create a new one for the next week's dinners. If it was an extra good week I'll tuck it into the front pocket to be used again in a month or so.

Dreams I have two sections for this. One I have as a list of dreams I have for the future, while the other is of dreams I've had at night that stick with me and I jot them down to think about later.

Doodles I have a few pages that I doodle on when I talk on the phone. I'm not sure what it is about talking on the phone that always brings out the mindless doodling part of me.


  1. Oooh, I love the idea of saving especially good weeks of dinners for later.

  2. I love all of your "D's". I especially would love to be better about meal planning. I've been trying to do it for almost 40 years now but still find myself at 3:00 trying to think of something to prepare for dinner.

  3. I really need to get our dinners organized. We seem to be eating the same things all the time. A binder where I can switch things around might just be what I need.

  4. Along the same line as your devotions, someone recently mentioned that they jot down what they remembered from the Sunday service. I am trying this, b/c as by as early as Monday of the same week, my mind draws a blank as to what, when leaving church, I thought was so inspirational.

    I can never remember my dreams when I awaken, though I would like to. It may be b/c I am a light sleeper. They say dreams can help us tackle challenges in our awake lives.

  5. All of our married life, paychecks came every two weeks, and now that we're both retired, it's once a month. I often work as a temp, so there are times when I'm not available to do the evening meal.

    I choose a cookbook and select six meals, noting ALL of the ingredients. I look in the pantry and cross off things we already have. (As certain as I am that we have spaghetti sauce - we don't.)
    That way, if I'm not home The Squire can fix dinner. We may have next Tuesday's dinner tonight, but we won't starve. Saturday is "every man for himself"!


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