Saturday, October 22, 2016

Picture my Week

The girls gathered some walnuts that had dropped from the tree here behind the house, and proceeded to follow a recipe they had found to make ink. They chose to build a little fire outside to cook their concoction in order to not stink up the house.
The ink cooking took several hours, but at the end they were pleased to have a pint of ink. Rosebud enjoys doing calligraphy and now with plenty of ink she is able to practice her skills to her heart's content.
While the girls were making their ink Buddy was happily wandering about the yard with a stick trying to unearth some hidden treasure that might be hiding under the leaves.

The last roses of the season were brought inside to enjoy, rather than allowing them to be frost damaged.

Buddy's Pre-K class at our homeschool co-op did some tiny pumpkin painting. He was quite pleased with his final product.

Sunbeam absolutely loves raking leaves, and our big maple tree has been providing her with ample opportunities to enjoy that.

At the beginning of the week our tree still looked lovely even though there was a constant flurry of leaves drifting to the ground. By yesterday, this was all that was left.


  1. We have a twin tree to yours in our front yard. Those bottom leaves have staying power. We also had some snowflakes today to usher in the months ahead. The new windmill near us but not hooked up yet was happily turning itself anyway. You probably also had your windows wide open this past week to drink in the 75 degree temps. So it goes! And thanks for the pics. Walnut ink seems like it would be a great color.

  2. Lots of good entertaining fun for your children. We used to have a huge maple tree like yours, in fact, we lived in a place called Maple Village if that tells you anything. Lots and lots of leaves in the fall.

  3. Thank you for sharing your fall photos with us. I love the desert in Tucson, but I do miss the changing, falling leaves and the chillier weather.

  4. I love the color in the picture of Sunbeam and Buddy raking leaves! Beautiful!


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