Saturday, October 8, 2016

Picture my Week

Our week had a mix of perfectly gorgeous October days, and rain.

On the rainy days Buddy spent time gazing wistfully out the window.

On the sunny days he loved helping with yard work. Especially the part where he got to play in the piles of leaves before we cleaned them up.

It was a big week for Sailor. He finally got to paint the little tractor he has been restoring. It still has quite a bit to do before it's finished, but this point was a goal he had been working towards for quite a while already.

Of even bigger importance, but I won't be sharing a picture, is, he passed his driving test. He's thrilled to have his official license.

Rosebud whipped up more yummy apple desserts in the kitchen.


  1. Enjoy your family while they're young and under your roof. That apple desert sure looks good.

  2. I remember how thrilled our girls were to get their licenses. Because we (probably as you do)live out in the boondocks, you need a car to get a job and a job to afford the car. And insurance before either of those. Vicious circle!

  3. Ongrats to Sailor but on his license and the beautiful paint job on the tractor. Hop ethe next week is just as good for all of you.


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