Monday, May 16, 2016

Random Three

I'm snagging the first three random questions to answer today, from a list of questions compiled by Alyssa, back in April.

What pizza place do you usually order from?
We don't order pizza, but if we did it would be from a little privately owned pizza place in our town.

Have you ever spent over $100.00 on an article of clothing? What was it?
I have never spent that much money on clothes. Back when we were still Amish I would expect to spend between $20. and $25 on the fabric I need to sew an outfit. Since leaving I keep it less than that for ready to wear items.

What do you have for your ringtone?

Surprise! I'm one of the few people remaining who does not have a cell phone. Sadly landline phones don't come with ringtone options so all I have is the regular obnoxious ringing that has been around for ages already.


  1. I'd be lost without my cell phone! I don't buy ringtones, but I do like to use something other than the regular phone ringing sound.

  2. You are probably better off without one!! A cell phone that is! The most I ever spent on a garment was $69.00 for a sweater. It wasn't even on sale! I did wear it for years and years and years!

  3. One of the cutest ringtones I have heard was at an elementary school function. I was teaching in a rural school in WV at the time. One of the parents, a state trooper, got a phone call. We all heard the beginning song from "The Andy Griffith Show" loud and clear. He was embarrassed that he forgot to turn off his personal cell, but we all had enjoyed that one.

  4. I tell folks I don't have a cell phone because a) I can't remember the number, and b) it is usually in my car - and dead, to boot. I got it when my dad was first ill(he spent 8 years on dialysis) and then my sister developed ALS, and my mum had Alzheimer's, but now I almost never use it. Maybe to all hubby from he grocery store, but that's it.

    The most expensive drive I ever bought was $80, for my godson's wedding. My attitude is, if it's not on sale, they don't mean for you to buy it, only look at it - and wait until it IS on sale!

  5. I hate cell phones, but I also need them. I hate having to need them!! We did everything we could to avoid them. My husband would have to run up and down stairs and hunt for a phone to call me when I needed to talk to him at work. Our son's condition was very critical for some years and he was in the hospital frequently, so we accepted we needed cell phones to keep people informed and to be able to reach my husband quickly. So,I ought to be grateful for them, huh? But I don't like how people stare at their phones so much - I don't want that temptation. I have a dumb phone! I hope I will always be able to keep one without internet. My husband got a new phone - a flip one which is soooo much better to hear him on - with no internet or keyboard.


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