Friday, May 20, 2016

Creek vs Schedule

Some days it's nice to throw your schedule out the window and spend time simply enjoying life.

Today was a day like that.

After days of fog and rain the sun has broken through making everything outdoors really inviting. Seeing the geese swimming on the creek, Buddy wanted to go catch some minnows. (He never catches fish, but calls all the little stuff floating on top of the water, minnows.)

Arriving at the creek, Buddy spotted a patch of buttercups, and he couldn't go "fishing" before he picked a few for me.

I was glad I remembered to take the camera along, otherwise I would have missed a lot. These two are best of friends, and laugh ...ALL.THE.TIME.

They had a competition to see who could jump farther. The one side of the creek bank is quite a bit higher than the other at this spot. 

The stepping stone bridge they built several years ago is submerged after all the rain, but they still used it.

In the creek versus schedule debate, I'm glad the creek won. We had a lovely morning outdoors.


  1. What a lovely day, almost like a little holiday!

  2. I love how happy your kids look. They make me smile every time I see them.

    I'm glad you chose the creek instead of your schedule. It looks like you had a perfect morning, one that created priceless memories. Your schedule wouldn't have done that.

  3. Every schedule needs flexibility built into it, as spontaneous times are often the most memorable.
    Barbara, blogging at Life & Faith in Caneyhead

  4. Perfect day, perfect pictures! Lovely family!

  5. Love your fun with the children.
    They are really growing and seem like such sweet "little ones". Thanks for sharing!

  6. Love this post. The happiness seems to just pour out of your children. Schedules will always be there. Some days you just have to play.

  7. Some days, it's important to choose the creek. I think you chose wisely. And I love the photos.


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