Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Q & A ~ Installment One

For the letter "Q" during the A-Z challenge I had done a post where you could ask questions and I would answer them later in blog posts.

Today will be the first of many posts where I do that.

What do you do to get your Christmas cactus to bloom like that?

I don't really have any secrets for getting my Christmas cactus to bloom well. I'm actually quite horrible when it comes to caring for houseplants. I have the best of intentions, but somehow I keep forgetting that they need care.

The Christmas cactus bloomed the nicest the year where I basically forgot I had it, until it started blooming. (I wouldn't recommend that method to anyone else though.)

Can we look forward to more books from you?

I originally bought the Lily series for my daughter, but the entire family has fallen in love with this sweet spunky little girl. We would love to follow her story as she grows up.

I am hoping to share more books with you over the next few years.

Though I would love to continue the Lily series, it sadly seems to be on hold right now. Until I get a green light for it, I'm focusing my writing efforts on another series that I think you'll enjoy.


  1. Sorry to hear the Lily series is on hold, but look forward to reading any books you write.

  2. You did exactly right by the C. cactus. They say around late fall, water it very little for great blooms. I suppose it needs a dormant phase before flowers.


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