Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Love and .... not so Much

On the post where I had asked for questions, an anonymous comment had presented this list:

What's your favorite .....
- book
   I should say the Bible, but it's so much more than a book. It's the very word of God in book form.
Other than the Bible, my favorite book is a series that I have read more times than I can count.

- song This keeps changing. I really like the Scripture Lullaby songs, but today I'm especially liking Flawless by Mercy Me.

- tree The giant maple tree in front of our house is my favorite tree at the moment.

- flower I love flowers so it's hard to pick a single one as my favorite. I really love all the violets that have started blooming again. Impatiens and Bleeding Heart flowers always make me stop to admire them. Huge rhododendron bushes blooming profusely are some of the prettiest things to see every year. I love making bouquets from gladiolus and displaying their beauty around the house.

- restaurant I hardly ever get to go to a restaurant and most of the ones in our area I've never even tried so it's a little hard to say I have a favorite one.

- scent I wish I could answer this, but I have no idea. Not having a sense of smell I simply go by what I think sounds good when choosing things like candles, soaps, and other scented things.

- time of day Early morning when the robins are singing their little hearts out, everything else is quiet as my little corner of the world is waiting for the sun to rise.

- hobby Again this is hard trying to settle on one thing as my favorite. I really enjoy reading, sewing, crafts, cooking, baking, writing, and the list goes on.

- color You would think I have a favorite color, but it varies. I really do like blue a lot, but then purple is also pretty. Though when it comes to clothes I tend to gravitate towards warm browns.

Oh .... and take the same list I posted above, but answer all of them with your least favorite.

- book Good Night Moon, I don't understand how it ever became popular. Maybe I'm missing something, but I really never liked this book.

- song This could make a substantial list in itself. The Macaroni song the children used to love when they were itty bitty is certainly one of them.

- tree The horse chestnut tree we used to have in our front yard when I was growing up was a pain. It looked gorgeous in the spring when it flowered beautifully and it always got its leaves before other trees, but then the flowers would drop, and extremely sticky buds would stick to your feet. They stained things and the stickiness itself needed a lot of help to be removed. Later in the fall when all those prickly balls of nuts fell ..... let's just say it was my least favorite tree.

- flower I should probably say the dandelion, but I really don't mind them. And I'm loving all the dandelion bouquets Buddy has been giving me this spring. The worst flower is probably the alfalfa flower. It's pretty enough, but the allergies it causes makes me not like it very well at all.

- restaurant Again, I don't have enough experience with restaurants to say that I have a least favorite.
- scent Don't have one, other than the things that I know obviously wouldn't be pleasant to smell. Sometimes though if something, such as a skunk smells bad enough I can actually taste the smell. Unpleasant!

- time of day Evenings. It's not that I don't like this time of day. It's just that it signifies that another day is already almost over and there is still so much I would have liked to get accomplished.

- hobby Hobbies are supposed to be things you enjoy, right? As such I don't have a least favorite hobby.

- color Yellow and orange.


  1. My sister's favourite colour was purple; her clothing, her jewelry, her bath towels, everything was some shade of purple. When she died, everyone wore something purple to her funeral.

    My favourite book is "Mr. God, This is Anna"; it was written in England, many years ago, about a little girl who had been abused at home and simply attached herself to a young man she met outside a restaurant. Couldn't happen today, of course, but it is a lovely - and true - story. I've read it a dozen times, at least. Beyond that, I like anything by Max Lucado. I also enjoy a good cozy mystery story.

    My most un-favourite tree is the Black Walnut. Stinks and stains. And the nuts don't even taste good! Yetch!

    1. My husband is a woodworker, cabinet maker and he uses black walnut. It is great for its purpose. There are many black walnut trees on our family's property. He makes his own stain from the nuts, the animals enjoy the nuts as a good source of food.

    2. I'm glad somebody gets some use from it. I know black walnut makes beautiful furniture; we have an antique corner cupboard that's been in The Squire' family for generations.

      Just don't plant one in my front yard! Maybe the back forty for the deer and the squirrels, but not close to the house - please!

    3. Yes, you don't want them too close, especially if you want a vegetable garden. Plant out at least 25 feet from the spread of the branches.

  2. I love the song "Flawless", too.

  3. Oh, can we answer the questions too? Looks fun.

    Book--Like..THE SECRET GARDEN by Frances Hodgson Burnett, dislike...poorly written and edited books

    Song--Like...hymns, they vary. BE THOU MY VISION is top right now, dislike...that loud rap hop music that comes out of peoples cars and boomboxes.

    Tree--Like...sugar maple, beautiful and so useful for syrup, dislike...female cottonwoods

    Flower--Like...bleeding heart for looks, lily of the valley for scent and iris for looks and scent, dislike...?? those roses that look nice but have no smell

    Restaurant--Like...home, children's house, relatives house, church potluck dislike...commercial restaurants

    Scent--Like...baking bread, dislike...chemically cleaners

    Time of day--Like...Evening, time to reflect on the day, family devotions, time to relax, dislike...morning, too much stiffness and pain due to RA and getting self going and needing help

    Hobby--all likes, reading, writing letters, visiting, sewing, quilting, cooking and baking. Mostly my hobbies are just life. And like you say, how can you have a hobby you don't like? Why would you be doing it?

    Color--Like...jewel tones, black, dislike...beige, tan

  4. I'm not much on decisive favs or not favs. My dinnerware called Fiesta is all different colors b/c I couldn't decide on just one.
    I think my hobby has beoome checking how-to videos on YOU TUBE to learn how to fix or update the house or get ideas for crafts, etc. I love any flower willing to bloom in my garden. All restaurants that are clean, friendly and reasonably priced are my best friends. :)

    1. Polly, I always thought that was the idea behind Fiestaware, like a party for your table, lots of bright colors.

    2. I am *SO* OCD! My German grandmother had Fiesta ware and I had to have all the pieces match - preferably the blue plates and bowls. If I could snag the silver coloured aluminum tumbler to match my knife and fork, my day was complete!


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