Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Rosebud and Sunbeam have been very busy this summer after deciding to turn an old chicken coop into a playhouse for them to play in.

They spend hours everyday patiently sewing things by hand for their little dream home. They have made curtains, pillows, a rug, and right now they're working on a quilt. Where they acquired the patience for all that is beyond me. I used to abhor sewing things by hand when I was a little girl and still don't enjoy it at all.

Sailor has been building some things for it as well. A bookshelf was a welcome addition and today he rigged up a doorbell for them.

I love the setting for their little house. Tucked under our beautiful pine trees and a wall of grapevines.

There is a very pleasant area under the trees where they also enjoy playing.  They have a clothes line and several small gardens made with rocks and pine cones. An ancient outhouse turned to a tool shed works as their barn.

Birds chirped among the branches outside the little curtained window as we ate a picnic lunch together.

There are days like today when I think it would be really fun to be ten years old again.


  1. I would like to see more of their sweet playhouse...I can imagine them working so hard on those very pretty curtains,etc. I too wish to be ten again sometimes :) Blessings

  2. Oh my goodness! How fun and sweet!! What lucky children to have a place of their own tucked away in such a special spot. The curtains are just precious(love the style) and I can't wait to see more.


  3. How cute and fun! Yours are such industrious girls. I love their idea of summertime play. I really don't like hand sewing, either, but to furnish a playhouse would definitely be worth the effort.
    It sounds like Sailor is quite the handyman, too.
    Have a great day!

  4. What precious memories of this summer your girls will have.
    I still remember every inch of the little garden shed my friend and I converted, using scraps of carpet and tie-dying worn bed sheets to make curtains and cushions. When we went back to school in September Miss Mawson, our needlework teacher was very cross because our hands were still a faded blue from the dye.

  5. That is the coolest playhouse I've seen in a long time! It looks like the perfect place for hours of imaginative play, and sharpening their sewing/carpentry skills. And it also looks like a fabulous spot to read a good book in.

  6. I had a playhouse that my Grandma and I made in a old chicken coop. Must be about 50 years ago now! I remember it so fondy. My mind goes back there from time to time and I think about what a loving and sweet thing for her to do for me. Your children will remember that too. you have given them a wonderful childhood. I so wished I would have homeschooled my own kids. Was not really a option back then but so glad parent can choose it now.

  7. So refreshing and heart warming to hear of your children playing like this rather than being glued to the TV or computer! Wonderful that you are able to provide the place and opportunity for your children to grow up in such a wholesome environment!

  8. I just love this! I would want summer to never end.... and childhood, too!

  9. What I would have given to have an old shed to convert into a play house when I was a kid! What a wonderful place. Our own back yard is too small for such endeavors.

    I had to laugh at your comment about hand sewing - my 21yo daughter was hand sewing alterations on a skirt today because it was too much trouble to dig out the sewing machine!

  10. Sounds like they are having wonderful fun! Somedays I would just be happy if my knees felt closer to 10 than 110! LOL! Oh the days of running and playing!

  11. How fun! I can just imagine the adventures they have there! I know I had a special place in the woods to play when I was little!


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