Thursday, August 23, 2012

Above the Noise ~ Little Lessons

In the kitchen our old refrigerator does a great job of keeping all our food nice and cold even though it is ugly and has several very annoying habits. One of them is the noise it makes. It reminds me a lot of the engine we used to have to keep the milk cooled on our dairy farm those first few years after we were married.
Every morning I leave Buddy upstairs sleeping while I come down to prepare breakfast and start my day. I tiptoe back upstairs every five minutes to check on him since the noise from the refrigerator drowns any other sounds and I don't want him to start his day off crying.
We have an open stairway and as I climb the noise from the refrigerator fades and I can hear other things. Birds singing in the trees outside the window, traffic passing the house, and once Buddy is awake I can hear him talking to himself and I'll hurry to get him.
This morning as I was once again tiptoeing up the stairs I couldn't help but think of how this can easily compare with the more important things in life. Just as I had to rise above the noise so I could hear if Buddy was awake I also need to take time to rise above the noise of life to listen to what is most important.
It can be so easy to allow all the demands on our time and the busyness in our life keep us totally occupied but once in a while it is a good idea to rise above the noise of life and listen to that which is really important.


  1. I love this! I needed this little reminder today! Thank you!

  2. Bravo - great post! I remember in church one time, the pastor comparing our lives sometimes to sitting in a restaurant waiting for a table, and God is whispering that our table's ready. He's got just what we need but we don't hear it because of all the extra noise around us. It is good to try and filter out the noise so we can hear what's important. I hope that made sense, I don't remember his story word for word, but I remember the main part about not hearing what we need to because of too many distractions. :)

  3. So true. We need to listen carefully to filter out life's noise.

  4. Love the post. I have been away from blogging for a while and have missed all the wonderful and inspiring posts such as yours. Happy to be back and look forward to catching up on all your posts I've missed. Thanks for sharing.


  5. Such words of wisdom! Thanks for sharing!

    Have a great weekend!


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