Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Glimpses of our Week

I enjoy going through all the pictures we take every week. Today I'm sharing few glimpses of our day to day life from last weeks pictures.
Buddy loves his blue blanket. One of his favorite games to play with it is Peek-a-boo.
Giggling behind the blanket.

I see you!

A butterfly keeps visiting this shoe on our front porch. I haven't figured out why it likes this shoe so well but we did enjoy the photo opportunities.

It's that time of year again when we enjoy popping Jewelweed seed pods.

They make such delightful little curlicues when touched.

One of my favorite pictures from last week is this one.  Sunbeam had stationed herself outside the garage and blew bubbles at her Daddy as a welcome home from work.


  1. Very nice pictures. What a happy baby Buddy is, and sooo cute!
    Everytime I see jewelweed I think of making soap for poison ivy.
    Sunbeam will be grown before you know it. Thank you for sharing the pictures.
    Have a great evening.

  2. Peek-a-boo is a favorite here, too. Dad looks happy to be home. Jewelweed pods are nature's bubble wrap. Addictive for little hands to pop. :)

  3. Great pictures! Love the bubble welcome! Buddy is just so adorable! I think I need some Jewelweed pods to play with :-)

  4. I have never popped jewel weed. I'll have to be sure to go out and try it next time I'm out at my mom's. She's got tons of it!

    Great pictures. I love Sunbeams welcome home greeting.

  5. Babies in their footie p.j.s - ahhh, cuteness. Scott said one of the things he misses most about the kids being little is them being so excited when he got home from work. That bubble picture is priceless. I've never heard of Jewelweed, so I don't know if it's regional or I'm just clueless. Sounds like fun though! :)

  6. Love the pictures of your family! I have never seen jewel weed before. It's not something that's native to this area, but I'm sure my kids would love it if it was!


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