Monday, April 26, 2021

V ~ Vacuum

     Having a vacuum cleaner was a thing of immense interest to our children when we first got one.
    Kenneth really wanted to use it too, so I let him try. He did a great job on the living room. Nearly every day he would ask if he could run the vacuum.  Often more than once a day. He liked the lines it made on the carpet for his fields as he played with his farm toys.
    I didn't mind have a nice clean floor, until one day I noticed some smoke coming from the vacuum cleaner when he was done. I grabbed it and threw it out the door where it lay in the grass smoldering away.
    Kenneth watched me wide eyed, "I guess I shouldn't have vacuumed the ashes from the fireplace," he said.
    Somehow during our fire safety lessons, I had never thought it would be necessary to add the caution of never using a vacuum cleaner to remove ashes from a burning fireplace.
    We got a new one to replace the one that was ruined. Kenneth still enjoyed running it, but now only in the way it was meant to be used.


  1. With all the things my boys have put into the microwave that it was not supposed to "cook," I can just imagine what they would do if they showed interest in the vacuum. They are mischievous. :)

  2. Sounds like Kenneth was just making sure everything was clean even though it was not a good thing to do. It was the thought that count at least no one was hurt and you were able to get another vacuum.

  3. At least nobody was hurt, you were able to get a new vaccume, and he learned not to do that again.


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