Thursday, April 1, 2021

A ~ Add Water

     One of the first things I learned to do after LV and I got married was how to make coffee. 
     Having grown up in a family that didn't drink coffee I never had the opportunity to learn how before we were married.
    LV showed me how he liked his coffee and it became part of our daily breakfast. I found some degree of satisfaction being able to make it just how he liked it. Black and strong, and percolated the right amount of time to bring out all the flavor he enjoyed.
    Several months later we received our first overnight guests. I made the coffee as usual and the visiting lady requested to have hers black while others wanted cream and sugar for theirs.
    She took one sip and exclaimed the coffee is much too strong and asked if I can make a new pot for her. 
    I suggested she add some water to hers, to which she vehemently declared, "You DON'T add water to coffee!"
    I got up from the table to make a new and much weaker pot for her. Somehow I didn't have the courage to ask her what the main ingredient is in a cup of coffee.
    I don't remember much else of that visit, but I regularly think of her when I make coffee as I pour water into the pot.


  1. LOL, such a great story! I always thought that you don't add water to coffee indeed, but now that you explain it, adding water makes sense.

  2. That is hilarious! I can't imagine being that demanding as a guest. We were taught you took what was offered and enjoyed it. :-)

  3. Just dropping in from the #A-Z Blogging Challenge. Main ingredient for coffee? That is hysterical. Adding water is better than what I did. Many years ago I worked (for a very short time mind you) at a Chinese restaurant. I was new so when I made the tea I accidentally took the “water” from the wrong craft and made tea with coffee. I didn’t understand why the customers were so upset until the manager showed me my mistake. It sure was a hot mess. Best of luck to you.

  4. Oh wow! Yes, water is the main ingredient in coffee.

  5. LOL. I am remembering the elderly lady in our church years ago who would make the coffee for our pre-church fellowship time IF she got there first...because everyone else made it 'way too strong'. She made it about half regular strength. I never did understand why she didn't just add a little water to her coffee rather than fuss about it. When she made it...she and her hubby were pretty much the only ones who drank it. Coffee that's too weak cannot be redeemed, lol.

  6. Funny how coffee seems to bring out the most picky side of people! In line with what one of the other commenters said above: as a guest, you take the things as they are offered to you, including reasonable solutions if there is a problem.
    Visiting from the A to Z masterlist, curious to read more...


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