Monday, April 5, 2021

D ~ Daffodil Selfie

     Coming home from running some errands I stopped by one of our flowerbeds to take a picture of the happy little daffodils. The skies were so blue and the cows were laying in the field contently chewing their cud, so I decided to try to capture it all in the picture.
    As I lowered my phone into the flowers, the leaves of one of the daffodils touched the screen and switched it to selfie mode just as I took the picture.
    It amused me, which is why I'm sharing it today, even though selfies or appearing anywhere in front of a camera is way out of my comfort zone.
    Deep breaths ... here we go ... my very first daffodil selfie.


  1. Thanks for sharing this lovely picture.

  2. Oh, those rascally daffodils! They sure know how to take a good selfie! Chaos in action. (Also, thanks for my scavenger challenge find for "flowers".
    D is for Deadly Door

  3. I don't like selfies either. My biggest concern would be how to get it OUT of selfie mode!

  4. What a great pic!! You look like you're always smiling!! <3

  5. Beautiful!!! You and daffodil both.

  6. Beautiful photo!

    Thank you for sharing,


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