Monday, April 12, 2021

J ~ Jokes

    Several years ago Steven went through a phase where he loved making up knock - knock jokes. Only problem was that they were truly awful.
    After weeks of enduring the torture of listening to them, I grabbed a pen and started jotting them down. I decided to create a small book with them someday and gift it to him. It only seemed right that he gets to fully appreciate them someday.
    Last week as I was looking for something  in one of my idea books I found them again. Steven was with me so I started reading them to him.

    Me: Knock knock
    Steven: Who's there?
    Me: Grasshopper
    Steven: Grasshopper who?
    Me: Grasshopper book.

    Steven: Well that's not funny! It doesn't even make sense!
    Me: These are all jokes you made up when you were five or so. 

    We read them together and had to laugh at how terrible they were. This time around they weren't as painful though. Somehow time made the memory of those days sweet. I'm still planning on getting a little book made with them, complete with illustrations. Only now I think I may want to keep it instead of giving it to him.


  1. Oh those childhood knock knock jokes! I used to have a student on the bus who regularly kept me entertained with these jokes. He also made sure i thought they were funny.

  2. Yeah, reminds me of the time my son woke me up very early in the morning because he just couldn't wait to tell me the joke he'd made up.
    Knock knock. (Who's there?)
    Who. (Who who?)
    Who who will make the Mackintosh stew?
    It still cracks me up precisely because it's so not funny at all!
    Black and White: L for Luilekkerland

  3. You could always get a copy made for both of you... Just a thought.


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