Wednesday, April 27, 2016

W ~ Ws in my Life

Watermelon .... the girls had a lovely picnic last weekend in celebration of a milestone event. Even though they aren't in season we managed to find a small, but sweet watermelon for it.

Wet ..... it's spring, so it shouldn't be a surprise that we're having wet weather. Spring time showers are nice though, and I enjoy seeing how everything always seems to have had an extra growth spurt after a shower.

Whistling ...... spring also means our elderly neighbor is spending time outdoors. He whistles, constantly ...... a tuneless one note whistle. I try to not let it bother me.

Windmills ..... when they put in those giant monstrosities I was a whole lot less than thrilled. I still don't particularly care for them, but I've surprisingly gotten used to them.

Wooden spoons ...... still my favorites for mixing things.

Writing prompts ...... I enjoy reading them and becoming inspired, and also enjoy creating them for our children and seeing what kind of fun story they come up with.


  1. Whistling - I used to work with a woman who whistled through her teeth all day long. Drove us all nuts! She and her husband were both retired, and she was always gratefully bemused that he "let her work, so she could buy herself nice things without worrying about the money". The other folks in the office figured he "let" her work because she was driving him crazy, too!

  2. How good to encourage your children to keep up their writing. Writing is suppose to be the most complex skill we learn to do, and you make it fun.
    Though very irritating in both pitch and volume, our kids learned to use acorn cap whistles in case of emergency while in the woods. It was fun to see who could find the first acorn cap. I admit I still pick one up and belt it out when we hike...I tell my husband for practice. He still hasn't got the hang of it. :)


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