Wednesday, April 13, 2016

K ~ Keepsakes

I have always been more on the sentimental side and have a hard time throwing things away that have some kind of warm memory attached to them.

Throughout our home there is quite a variety of keepsakes. From the tiny little footprints of our newborns to the little ceramic shoes my mother always gives to each of her grandchildren on their first Christmas. I had been looking forward to having four little shoes in a row in my china cupboard, but when Buddy's shoe arrived with his name on the opposite side of the shoe, my OCD tendencies kicked in and it now has claim to its own shelf.

I have key-chains, dishes, lamps, clothes, books, toys, and more which have all passed the stage of being useful, but still have a special place in our home, simply because they qualify as keepsakes.


  1. How lovely. I used to save a lot more things. But as I get older and realize just how much I've collected, I've started to go through some of them. Not easy to part with it all. I love the little shoes. How sweet of your mother to sendthose for all of the children.

  2. I am a collector of memories too... Not a less is more kind of person or a, now popular, minimalist decorator. Thank God there are more of you out there :-)

  3. Keepsakes bring back wonderful memories. I wear my favorite around my neck; a charm bracelet charm that my father bought for my mother the day I was born. This way I get to keep both of them with me always.

  4. It's funny the things that we cherish and want to keep.
    When my grandparents on my fathers side passed away, I wanted the old glass salt and pepper shakers that sat on their table in the summer porch.
    When I would come stay with them in the summer, they would always be out.

    Strange how out of all the things I remember about my grandparents and the time spent with them, those little green glass salt and pepper shakers are my favorite thing!

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  5. Now that's funny - your comment about OCD and the shoes. I love my sentimental keepsakes.

  6. I love my little keepsakes and mementos! I probably have too many, but they are all so special in their own way. :-)


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