Monday, April 25, 2016

U ~ Umbrellas

I got my first umbrella when I was in the second grade.

We had just moved to Somerset County, PA where springtime was often some type of wet, and my brother John and I both needed to carry an umbrella to school most days.

The first few days of using an umbrella, I thought I had it made, but the novelty wore off fast. A few families always picked up their children from school when ever it rained. That meant we had to be aware of approaching horses and have our umbrellas down until they passed in order not to spook them.

Maybe I got my fill of using umbrellas, because now-a-days I would much rather run through the rain instead of messing with one.


Mary Montague Sikes said...

I agree with you, running through the rain is much better than carrying an umbrella!

Mary Montague Sikes
Notes Along the Way
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Betsy said...

When we visit our son in Japan one of the first things I notice every time is that virtually everyone carries an umbrella at all times, "just in case". On the flip side, no one I know here at home ever has an umbrella with them. I have one in my car but rarely ever use it.

shortybear said...

I love walking in the rain

Cynthia said...

If the rain's not too bad, I would prefer going sans umbrella so I don't have to worry about leaving the umbrella somewhere and then forgetting to take it home.

Polly Cowley said...

My husband thinks carrying an umbrella just in case brings good luck. If he carries it, the rain to make use of it doesn't come.
I use my umbrella when out in the sun. I seem to be carrying too much to bother with one in the rain.
A while back I remember seeing umbrellas attached to hats. My guess is they kept hitting into doorways or the like, b/c I haven't seen any for a long time. April showers bring May flowers. :)

Suanna said...

I stopped using umbrellas in college when the rain poured sideways and no matter whether or not you had an umbrella you would still be wet. Now I have several children and really can't imagine trying to keep everyone dry with one little umbrella, LOL.