Thursday, April 21, 2016

R ~ Rain

Singing in the rain? Certainly not! My parents had some decided views on that.

The summer I was nine years old we had a drought. Day after day the sun came up in the morning and we had brilliant blue skies until it went down again that evening. The grass in our yard was turning brown, dry cracks were appearing in the garden. We kept watering all the plants and wishing for rain.

Finally one evening it started raining. A lovely gentle rain where every drop soaked into the thirsty ground. We were all standing on the front porch watching and enjoying it.

I was feeling thrilled, every bit of me felt like rejoicing. I started twirling and chanting in a sing song voice. "It's raining, it's raining!"

I was promptly told to be quiet and hold still or God would make the rain go away again.

I don't believe that at all ..... but, after all these years I still catch myself being extra quiet when it rains. I enjoy seeing our children laughing, dancing, and singing in the rain and will not ever burden them with the idea that they are responsible somehow for how much rain we get.


  1. You would think rejoicing and singing about the rain would have been considering a form of thanking God for it. Sorry you weren't allowed to do that.

  2. I agree with Anonymous above, you would think that everyone would be rejoicing in every way possible when the rain finally came. I'm glad you're children get to celebrate the seasons.

  3. Rain in India is welcomed with open arms, wild dances, romantic songs, huge smiles and grateful hearts. The monsoon clouds come after long and dry summer spell. Farmers and fields are parched and waiting. There is a word in Hindi for the beautiful smell that hits your nostrils when the first drop of rain falls on dry earth. We call is 'saundhi khushboo'. Dancing in the rain is an activity I still indulge in, in my backyard:) Your post opened the flood gates of my rain soaked memories. Thank you Mary:)

  4. That's right... let them dance and sing and welcome it with open arms like they do in India!

  5. How grateful I am to have never had our well run dry. My sister lives in a city in Morocco, but never knows when water will be shut off a few hours or more during a drought. Since the climate is desert, it happens quite a bit. Each section of the city has water turned off at different times.
    Back in my young school days I found it hard to believe that the water we use today is actually the same water from billions of years ago. How awesome is God's recycling project? Happy Earth Day Apr. 22nd!


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