Monday, November 10, 2014


I find that the older I get, the harder it is to adjust to time change, and I'm not even that old yet! With a week having passed since the time changed I'm over the worst of it.

When we were Amish we referred to Daylight Savings Time as fast time, and Standard time was slow time.

Daylight Savings Time was the source of a lot of contention in the community I grew up in. A lot of them declared fast time was the devils time and refused to turn their clocks forward. Others weren't worried about that and always accepted the time change and turned their clocks forward. With almost half of the families in our church district turning their clocks forward a compromise was made when it came to school time. The schools would turn their clocks forward half an hour, making that each side was slightly appeased. Church services, however was strictly on slow time year round.

LV's family went the other direction. They liked fast time, and since they had a dairy farm they didn't like messing with time change and throwing off the cows' internal clock which always hurt milk production. They kept their clocks on fast time year round. A few people grumbled a little about that, but since he was one of the ministers nothing was ever done to try to make them have slow time at least during the winter.


  1. I've never liked daylight savings time. I wish we would stay at the original time the whole year. I kinda do anyway, except for church :) Blessings

  2. I prefer daylight savings time and wish it would just stay that way year 'round. The other way would be okay too, I just wish it would stay one way or the other. It's very hard to adjust. This was worse than usual given that I flew from home, (pacific time) to my daughter's house in D.C. (East coast time), on Thursday. Then we went backwards an hour again Saturday night. I don't think I've adjusted yet and I go back home this Thursday. Another three hour difference! Oh well.

  3. How would you ever meet people on time? Whose time would you use? Sounds very confusing to me lol!

  4. Our neighbors are Amish and she calls it 'fast time' but stated that when we turn our clocks to match theirs they turn theirs a half hour back - so that way they are never the same as us. It is a lot like what you said! I never asked why they do that but its nice to know :) She is the sweetest lady, I feel so blessed to have her as a neighbor!

  5. Here in our area, the school bus will pick up and drop off the Amish kids if they need a ride, but when our clocks change to "fast time", the kids have to walk which is ok because the weather has warmed up by then. A couple of families lived quite a distance from their schoolhouse so this was a nice option and I'm glad they took up the school's offer.

  6. I recently heard several people state we don't need this time change any more, saying it was first established to appease farmers and no one needs the change any more. I wonder if that is so.


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