Friday, November 7, 2014

Never a Dull Moment

There's never a dull moment in our house.  We don't have time to get bored with so many things on our to do/wish list that a lifetime isn't long enough to get everything done.

And then of course there are the many little things that happen that keep things interesting. Like earlier this week when my friend Sonya and her children came for a fun afternoon. The children were off doing various things while Sonya and I were simply visiting and catching up with what has been happening in each others life when the most dreadful thumping, tumbling sound interrupted us.

We hurried to see what happened and found Buddy sitting near the top of the stairs solemnly  surveying the mess that he had just created when he  happened to drop the container of Legos he had wanted to bring downstairs and they spilled surprisingly evenly all the way down to the bottom.

You know you have a great friend when she jumps right in picking up your toddlers mess.


There's an explosion of yarn in our living room. I was teaching the girls how to make some potholders and since they have successfully learned how, they have dug up every single ball of yarn in the house and piled them in the living room. So many interesting color combinations are being made, and I'm thinking I'll not be needing any more potholders for a long time.


Our dog Gypsy is getting older and since the weather is growing colder he gets to spend the night in the basement instead of in his doghouse.

Rosebud hadn't realized that when she went down to the basement to get something and came flying back upstairs saying that someone is snoring down there.

Turns out our dog snores like a person.


  1. We have an older dachshund that stays indoors now and she, too, snores! It would startle you if you did not know the dog was in the basement!
    The potholders are very pretty. Wishing you all a lovely weekend.

  2. When you said you heard a tumbling noise on your staircase it reminded me of a time I discovered I was just the right size to slide all the way down the steps on my backside. It made a lovely noise, I thought, but I scared my mom out of at least a year's growth.

  3. That gives me an idea what I can do with all my leftover yarn.

    Swinging by to say `Hello`

  4. My grandfather made potholders like that and then tacked two together to make pillow covers - my grandmother made the pillows to go inside each - for each grandchild (he had 16) and one for each of his children (he had 8). Grandma took a terrific picture of them all lined up on the sofa when they were done. He was recovering from surgery and needed something to keep his hands busy - I still treasure that pillow and it now sits on my daughter's bed.

    And too funny about the dog!

  5. Beautiful potholders! Would love to learn how to make them some day...I have lots of yarn to use up :)


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