Tuesday, June 17, 2014


Do the Amish eat things that are considered, in the Old Testament, to be unclean?

Yes, they do. They are quite fond of pork and bacon makes everything better. They will eat dairy in the same meal as meat, and enjoy shellfish when ever they have an opportunity to do so.

They believe Matthew 15:17-18 applies to all food choices. To them food is food, they will thank God for it and ask Him to bless it and then proceed to enjoy it. Meals are simple, but hearty and delicious consisting mostly of foods they have raised themselves. Since they don't raise shellfish they hardly ever eat it other than when they travel and stop at restaurants to eat.

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  1. I once listened to a man speak about the foods that the old testament teaches as unclean, specifically lobsters, shrimp and pork. He came from a Christian perspective and used the Bible to back up his findings. I don't know how scientifically correct he was, but he grossed me out enough in that I cannot eat lobster, shrimp, crabs, scallops, clams, pork chops or pork roast. Cannot even bear the thought! I was convicted more for health and not religious reasons. Ironically, I still love bacon and occasionally, not often, will eat it or use it for seasoning with no problems!


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