Friday, June 6, 2014

Our Day in Pictures

In celebration that our school year is officially over the children and I spent the day outside.

We found the same huge patch of flowers we visit every year and picked enough to make a pretty bouquet.

 The waterfall looks even nicer when viewed from the front porch so that it looks framed by rhododendrons.

Buddy enjoyed playing.

And resting.

And his favorite, playing in the sand.

Yard work, and then ice cream sandwiches finished out our day. I love days like this!


  1. The flowers, the beautiful water fall, and buddy playing, it all looks like the perfect day indeed. Blessings friend

    1. Thank-you! I want to treasure all these days. The children are growing up so fast.

  2. What a terrific and FUN way to celebrate the last official school day of the year !!! Looks delightful to me !!! The flowers are gorgeous !! And the waterfall AMAZING !!! I would love hearing the sound of that !! Soo soothing to ones soul !! And your baby boy !! A little doll !!! You are quite blessed my friend ....... All of our Lords handiwork right there around you :):) Have a happy and blessed week-end xo

    1. Thank-you! I feel blessed! The waterfall is one of my favorite things about the place we live. I love hearing it, especially at night with the windows open.

  3. Wonderful! This sounds like a perfect end to the school year. Buddy certainly looks happy.

  4. What a fun way to celebrate the end of another school year! Friday was also our last day of school. I had to spend most of the day indoors cooking in between lessons in preparation for my oldest daughter's 30th bday party on Sunday. I had to work all day Saturday.


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