Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Puzzling Puzzle

The first puzzle I ever had was a wooden jigsaw with a cute scene of two children feeding animals. I have no idea how many hundreds of times I put it together and loved it every time.

I would love to have it for my own children to enjoy, and have searched high and low for one to no avail.

Yesterday I stumbled across the cover of the box it had come in and noticed it was signed Michaelis and made in Holland. I hoped with this added information I might be able to finally locate one, but apparently my internet searching skills are still quite lacking because I didn't come anywhere close to finding it.

Do you have any suggestions?


  1. I did some research on Michaelis. I speak dutch, so I thought i may get more information in dutch than you could in english. René Michaëlis was denish/german and drew mostly postcards. I didn't however found your puzzle.

  2. There are so many puzzles you could have for your kids. Why do you think you have to have this one?

    It appears to me you are a bitter woman trying to recreate something from your childhood. Just let go already

  3. Wow...where did that above comment come from. Obviously not someone who reads this dear blog. I, too, have done a search and come up with nothing. Hope you find it someday. Hugs..

  4. Oh Yes! Let it go! It can only help to let go of memories of putting together puzzles of sweet pastoral scenes to get over pent up bitterness. (this is sarcasm) Interesting how this was sent anonymously. Seriously, I can see why you would want to find it, something about those old fashioned scenes with pink cheeked children...

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  6. Hi Mary Ann,

    I did some research on this too. I couldn't come up with anything. However, I truly hope you're able to find the puzzle at some point!

    I hope you pay the cruel comment posted by an anonymous person earlier no heed...I find it so sweet that you want to find this for your children. May God bless you!

  7. I am not surprised you would like to share this with your children

    I know there are companies who create customised jigsaws from photos and prints
    One solution may be to take a photo of the lid which seems to be in quite reasonable condition and then have the company take it from there

    Alternatively depending on the size of the lid it could be trimmed then glued to thin wood or thick card and then cut into pieces on a jigsaw machine ( not sure if the name is the same in the US ) by someone who is experienced using such a machine safely

  8. I love that you want to share a memory of your childhood with your children. I liked to do that too. And now that my kids are grown, those are some of our best memories. They come to visit and they will talk about a toy or a book that was special to them because it was special to me in my childhood. Its not just the toy (or puzzle) itself, but the way we share memories of our childhood with our children. I hope you find your puzzle and continue to be the amazing mother that I can tell you are from reading your blog!

  9. I had a google around but found nothing related to puzzles, But the idea of having one made is a good one.
    How nasty and spiteful people can be, so sorry you had that comment.

  10. Well, anonymous is way off base with that nasty comment.

    I'm sorry no one has been able to help find that sweet puzzle for your children. Keep looking, and keep thinking about it....

  11. You might try searching ebay for "vintage children's wood puzzles". Good luck. Oh, by the way, my daughter is devouring your Lilly books. She can't read them fast enough. Thank you so much for these! Tiffany F


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