Monday, November 4, 2013

Young Men and Washing Machines

Monday morning arrives and carrying on with the tradition I was used to it means laundry day. I have tried washing a load everyday but find it aggravating and tiring, I would much rather have laundry only on one day even if it means there is a mountain of laundry that needs to be done, because then I can go about the rest of my week blissfully free of that chore.

This morning when I opened the washer I was greeted with dog hair. Sailor had decided to wash his dog's blanket and the result wasn't pretty for my washer. He helped me clean it up while I gave him a few tips on how to successfully wash the blanket next time with out gunking up the machine.

Growing up with five younger brothers there was more than one time the washing machine became interesting. Especially as they grew older and didn't always think things through.

The memory that comes to mind is of one young man, being hopelessly in love, wanting his black wool hat to look like new to impress his young maiden. While Mom's back was turned the hat made it's way into the washing machine, where much to his dismay instead of a beautiful black hat emerging from the soapy water, the water turned black and the hat turned into a soggy mess that resembled a blanket much more than a hat. He scooped it out of the water and was stuffing it into the furnace just as Mom came back.

He did get a new black hat, and somehow I never did find out if it impressed his young maiden. I'm guessing she was much more enthused seeing the person wearing the hat, than the hat itself


  1. You have secrets to keeping pet hair off the laundry and from filling all those holes in the machine?
    Do share!

  2. I do our laundry all on Sunday. Usually have four loads, and I must confess that the sheets make up the last load, and rather than fold sheets, they stay in the dryer until the next week, when I take them out to put them on the bed. Am I a lazy so and so, or what?!! LOL I hate folding king size sheets!!

  3. Monday is also my laundry day. Tradition is hard to break! I sometimes will throw one load in on Friday, just so there isn't a ton to do on Monday.

  4. I do most of my laundry on Monday, too! I've also had a few interesting experiences finding unexpected 'things' in the machine--usually from unempty pockets!

  5. Mondays are always a big laundry day for me, even though I do laundry throughout the week. There's always the extra church clothes. Some days I dread it but as my oldest gets closer to college age and I pull my baby girl's sweet smocked dresses out of the washer I try to remind myself these days won't last forever...

  6. Dogsmom, every day, I shake out anything the dog has slept in or on, and then put it in the dry on "fluff" for about ten minutes. usually this removes most of the dog hair.

    We do have a dryer, but not a washer (septic problems) so The Squire and I sort the wash and take everything to the Laundromat once a week. While the clothes are washing, we have lunch and then he helps me hang the things on the line. If the weather is bad, I use my electric dryer, but my sheets always go on the line. I've been known to carefully fold them and stick them in the freezer until it stops raining! Love the way they feel and smell.

  7. I also loathe washing. My only day off is Sunday so that's when most of it gets done. My machine is on the fritz and I am now looking for a wringer washer. Yup, you read that correctly. Old timey wringer washer. They work wonderfully well and it doesn't take all day to do the laundry. Just gotta be careful feeding button-up shirts thru the ringer lest they pop off or break. I was obviously born in the wrong century...

  8. I love your blog! I always leave here encouraged and blessed. I also do laundry once a week. It is a wonderful blessing to have it all done at once, then, as you said, a person can enjoy the rest of the week doing other things. :) Thank you for sharing your Amish memories. I love the simplicity of their lives, and though I don't follow it, I still admire it from a distance and strive to live as simply as possible in this chaotic world. You are a blessing! Love, Cheryl


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