Monday, November 25, 2013


This weekend I stumbled across a quote that made me stop and think.

Promote what you love instead of bashing what you hate.

What great advice packed into one little quote! The world would be a much happier place if everyone practiced that.

I'll try to do my part today and speak only of things I love.
  • Snow. I like that the ground has a cover of white and am eagerly looking forward to the snowstorm that is supposed to come this week.
  • Sailor's weekly guitar lessons are paying off. I love listening to him play. He's getting quite good at it.
  • Good books. I'm currently rereading the Amethyst Heart by Penelope Stokes. It's one of those books that I like reading every year or so.
  • My family. I think that's pretty self explanatory. They're my favorite people in the world!
  • Butter fried chicken breasts. No seasoning, no breading, just fried to a beautiful deep golden brown in real butter. Juicy, and delicious! A family favorite.
  • Chocolate, especially milk chocolate. Need I say more?
  • Rugs made by my Aunt Emma. They're simply the best, they last and last, and they don't slip and slide all over the floor.
  • Cold water from our well.
  • Words spoken by a toddler. Love Buddy's version of names for his siblings, and how he calls our dog, Gypsy, Dippy.
  • Tide laundry detergent.
  • Stationary, notebooks, and office supplies of all kinds. They make me happy!
  • Pinecones. Don't ask me why I like them so well, I'm not sure I can explain.
That's only a small list of things I love. What would you add to it?


  1. Frost on the ground, seeing your breath on those cold mornings, watching the sun rise over the mountains, watching the chickens chase after bugs, a nice warm fire, roasted marshmallows, enjoying the wondrous creations made by God.

  2. My favorites are hot coffee in the morning, iced coffee in the afternoon, my older children showing love and encouragement to the younger ones, an empty sink, coming home after a long trip, my husband's sense of humor, my daughters in matching dresses and bows on Sunday morning. So many things to be thankful for that I'm ashamed when I get in a grumbling mood (or should be!) Your quote reminded me of my daughter's Bible lesson today: Psalm 34:14 Depart from evil and do good; seek peace, and pursue it.

  3. Me too, I feel the same about pine cones and can't explain it. Maybe it is a childhood memory?

  4. *A warm, crackling fire in the winter time.

    *Air conditioners in the summer time.

    *Coming home to a meal that's been slowly simmering away in the crock pot.

    * Turning off the lights in the living room and plugging in the Christmas tree. I think I could waste an hour just soaking in the prettiness of it. (It's not up yet, but I'm early anticipating it!)

    * Observing birds and other wildlife when they don't know you're looking.

  5. A wonderful quote, indeed, and I love your list.

  6. Things I love...

    *The Bible with it's Wonderful Words of Life.
    *My family
    *My children's hugs.
    *Watching the birds at the bird feeders.
    *The ocean
    *The smell of new books
    *Reading a good book
    *Pumpkin-Mocha coffee
    *A hot cup of tea
    *School supplies
    *Fall trees dressed in glorious color

    Tammi in Maine

  7. Thanks for sharing, it sure brings what is really important to mind. When you think of what you love and sharing it with the world.


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