Friday, February 24, 2012

Summer Freedom

LV's Memories Continued

Eleven year old LV shouldered his ax and went out to the woods behind the barn. His brothers had other work to do around the farm but he had the day off to do what ever he wanted to. This whole being the youngest in the family thing was starting to be great.

He had already decided what he was going to do. There were a lot of branches laying on the ground and smaller trees that had their bark rubbed off and would never be able to grow into healthy mature trees. He chopped them down and cut them into carefully measured lengths. He trimmed the fallen branches as well and dragged them all to a pre-selected spot in the middle of the woods.

He carefully notched all those little logs and started building a log cabin. By the end of the day he was pleased with his progress and made his way back to the house in time to join the rest of the family for supper.

Day after day he went to the woods right after breakfast. His cabin was complete by now and he had also built a nice fire pit where he roasted acorns and other bits of food he found in the woods. He would have loved to be able to sleep in the woods but his parents wanted him to come to the house for supper and overnight. But aside from that he spent an entire summer living a happy carefree life wandering about the woods and enjoying fending for himself.


  1. every boy needs a summer experience like this. nowadays it is sitting in front of the television or computer.

  2. Fantastic! Building a log cabin, and furnishing it myself was something I always wanted to do. Not to live in, perhaps, but for a "getaway".

  3. I don't know any 11 year olds who could build a log cabin, unless it's with Lincoln Logs. I'm impressed with LV's ability at that age!

  4. That sounds like a great lesson in independence for a young boy. What an experience!

  5. What fun and what a great memory!

  6. Oh, how I would have loved such a wonderful time alone in the woods! And for LV to have built his own miniature cabin says alot about his childhood and upbringing. What a wonderful life it must have been.


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