Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Christmas Ride

Christmas day had been pleasant and it was bedtime. After our usual popcorn and apples and a story from Mom we all headed to our beds. Outside the stars twinkled in the winter sky. A few fresh inches of snow clung to everything and reflected the light of the moon.

It was a perfect night to burrow deeply under the covers on the bed. Just as we were drifting off to sleep there was a knock on the door. Daddy went to see who it was and found a stranger sitting on the porch clutching a bottle of whiskey and asking if Daddy could please give him a ride home. That he had hurt his leg and couldn't walk any longer. He said he lived up the hill a little ways and if Daddy could please give him a ride he would be so grateful.

Daddy could see that he was obviously intoxicated and needed help getting home. We didn't know everyone in the village but since it wasn't very far he offered to use our furniture wagon and pull it, giving him a ride home rather than hitching up our horse and using the buggy. He asked one of the boys to help him and David volunteered to go along.

The wagon with it's extra heavy burden pulled a little harder than they expected as they headed up the road. Once they got to the village the man told them to keep going that he lives a little farther down the road. They kept trudging through the cold, mile after mile as the man kept telling them just a little farther on.

When they finally got him to his home they dropped him off and turned around to trek all the way home. Weary from the long way they had walked they started riding down every hill they came to. David had a lot more experience riding wagons down hill than Daddy did so Daddy sat in the back and let David steer. I can only imagine what any passerbys must have thought meeting them in the middle of the night taking a wagon ride down the road.

They got home around 2:30 in the morning exhausted and went right to bed. We never did find out who it was they had given a ride to and it still  remains one of the most memorable Christmas nights ever.


  1. I know Christians who might say that they had met an angel -- or even the Christ. Being more inclined to Buddhism myself, I'd be more likely to comment that they were simply doing the right thing, because it's the right thing to do.

  2. I can only imagine this Amish man wearing his wool hat flying down the hills on a wagon in the middle of the night!

  3. THis post put a smile on my face. One, b/c it had to me fun riding that wagon down the hill, and two b/c of the generosity that your family had shown. :o)

  4. Many-Many years ago when my children were small, we had a terrible snow storm,the driveway had minimum 3 feet snow blocking my car from leaving...I was contenplating how in the world was I ever going to get out for work the next day...when a knock came on the door and a man I have never seen before offered to shovel the drive for $5.00...I said yes, and this man dug my car out and cleaned the driveway, took 1 1/2 of work, when he was finished I could not give the man $5.00 for so much work, I only had $20.00 in my purse so I offered him that and hot cocoa to warm up...he didn't want the money nor the cocoa...and he left...Never did find out who the person was.and even the neighbors asked who dug out the driveway....I think I know....I think ~~~I believe I know!!!

  5. What a great story, thansk for sharing.

  6. Hope you have a merry Christmas - I love reading your blog.

  7. Sometimes being neighborly isn't at the most convenient times, is it? That was so nice of them to do it though ~ ♥

  8. What a blessing your family was to that man!

    Such generosity, indeed!



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