Friday, December 10, 2010

A Glitch

The following two weeks passed quickly as we worked on Grandpa's new house. It was ready to be insulated so John and I spent almost everyday cutting and and fitting the insulation into the walls and then stapling plastic over everything. It was an itchy job but I enjoyed working with John and it was satisfying to see what all we could get accomplished each day.

On Saturday afternoon Aunt Emma came to help us and we were hoping to get done by evening. We only had to insulate the bathroom walls yet and we would be done. The only problem was that the one wall was right next to where the basement stairs would be and there was a ten foot drop down to the ground so we decided to lay a board across the hole so we could stand on it while we stapled the plastic to the 2 x 4's.

I got the board to lay across and then discovered that I couldn't because there were a dozen sheets of drywall leaning against the wall. Aunt Emma suggested  that John and I pull them forward a few inches which would allow her to get the board in place. John was upstairs finishing something up so I called him to come help me but instead of waiting on him to come help I tugged on the stack by myself and got it to tip forward but unfortunately it kept on coming even after I wanted it to quit.

The drywall crashed to the floor with a terrific crash and I went flying across the room. A sharp pain pierced my ankle an I discovered I couldn't get up. Aunt Emma immediately ran to tell Mom what happened and John came running to see if I'm okay.

Uncle Eli had been talking to Mom in the shop and came with her to see what was going on. They checked my ankle, asked me to wiggle my toes. They were afraid it was broken but I wasn't going to have a broken ankle and convinced them it's probably just a bad sprain. I tried to get up to hobble in but the pain was excruciating and I simply couldn't. Eli and John got me on a chair and carried me into the house.

Daddy soon came home from delivering furniture and after checking my ankle told me I would have to go to the Emergency Room the next day if it wasn't feeling better by morning.

 LV was going to come the next evening and we had wedding plans to make, there was no way I wanted laid up with a broken ankle.

To be continued


  1. What one little decision can do; not about marrying LV, but moving those dry wall boards by yourself!!! It's amazing... now the question is ... will our darling author have some wonderful sympathy from her LV? :-) If all goes well, I say .... YES!

  2. UH OH... Joyful, I'm sorry to use your comment section, but KATIE TROYER, I CAN'T GET TO YOUR BLOG ANYMORE!

  3. Great post! Lovely writing...I was drawn in to the story. :)


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