Thursday, August 27, 2020


Reading ... Isaiah in the Bible. I always get a thrill when I begin reading that book. It played a big part in our journey of leaving the Amish. You can read about it here.

In non fiction, I dug out a book on editing fiction. 

Watching ... this week, by the end of the day I'm so sleepy I would rather go to bed than watch anything.

Listening ... to the washing machine doing a random load of laundry, Sharon playing a lovely piece by Beethoven on her piano, and the scratch of Steven's pencil moving across paper as he does his school work.

Wearing ... a rose colored dress sprinkled with oddly placed polka dots.  The random patternless pattern in which they sprinkled the dots on the fabric is annoying to one of our daughters who loves having things neat and orderly.

Baking ... I'm bringing a package of cream cheese to room temperature with plans to use it to bake a cheesecake pie this afternoon.

Cooking ... we'll be having taco night tonight. I'll be making a salad as well.

Cleaning ... and rearranging Steven's bedroom. Kenneth will be picking up his desk and chair and a few other things he still has here so we're doing a complete rearrange and decorating of the room. Steven is excited to have everything in the room be his.

Playing ... we didn't have time to play any time consuming games so far this week, but we did manage to squeeze in a few rounds of Top Trumps, and Spot It games with Steven.

Hiking ... consisted of having to hoof it across the Walmart parking lot, across a road, and over several other lots to where I had parked my vehicle at the mall.

I much prefer hiking in the woods or on proper hiking trails.

Wishing ... we had stopped at a yardsale. On Saturday there was a big yard sale event happening along one road. There seemed to be a sale happening at most houses. I don't need anything, and though I enjoy yard sales and a good bargain, I really didn't want to bring anything home and have to find room for it. 

Traffic was horrible since this annual event brought out lots of people. We kept driving, some sales looking more tempting than others. And then I saw it. A butter churn like the one we used to have when I was growing up. I exclaimed about it, and LV offered to turn around and go back to buy it, but I declined, saying I don't know where I'd store it, and I don't make that much butter any longer.

We kept going, but now I wish I would have bought it.

Crafting ... I have some sewing projects going, and LV was kind enough to bring home some pallet wood when I mentioned I'd like to make a sign with some reclaimed wood,

Yesterday ... was busy, busy, busy. I had an appointment that took a big chunk out of my day. I'm happy how it went though so I'd say it was worth that chunk of time.

Later today ... I need to go buy a pair of shoes for Steven. I had meant to earlier this week, but the stores we checked didn't have any in his size so I need to try again at a different place. After I come back from that I want to deep clean the interior of our vehicle. It's not bad, but we like "clean" interiors, and today seems like a good day to do that.


  1. I always enjoy reading about your daily life. It reminds me of when our children were younger and living at home.
    We are preparing to go camping for a few days and will be leaving in an hour or so. I wanted to check in with my blog friends before leaving because there will be no internet there. At least I don't think so, maybe I'll be surprised.

  2. I guess I am in shock ...did you leave the Amish faith ...or all things Amish , faith and ways? I am old , I thought Amish were super into church. Do you home school the children? Oh never mind honey, I will just keep following your bog and learn more. Never too old to learn Right. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  3. Sounds like you have a lot going on as usual.

  4. I had to smile when I read that the random polka dots bothered your daughter. I think they might bother me too. I have more then a little OCD I'm afraid.


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