Saturday, September 12, 2020

Childhood Games

     The first game I remember playing is checkers, but the 'pig in the pen' version instead of the normal rules.
    Daddy was sitting on his favorite chair, and pulled my little table in front of him to teach me how to play. It was great fun trying to trap his 'pig' with all of my 'fence' pieces, but I don't recall ever being successful even as we played game after game.
    The next game we had was a homemade one. For months Mom would save any empty cracker boxes and carefully cut out two inch squares from them. She kept adding them to a container on top of the refrigerator, until finally one day she had enough. She sat down and using crayons she wrote a big number on each card. John and I watched with interest, and were excited when she said she would teach us a new game on Sunday.
    Sunday rolled around and we all headed to their bedroom and sat cross legged on their bed. She dealt the cards and we played a thrilling version of 'Slap' 
    I have no idea why we always sat on their bed to play this game, but it added to the fun.
    As the years passed the 'Slap'game was retired and gradually a few more games were added to our meager collection, and we loved them all: Memory, Sorry, Uno, Scrabble, Probe, and Monopoly. 
    Nothing ever came close though to the thrill of playing 'Slap'


  1. I wonder if most children these days play these fun card and board games as we used to? We made such great family memories while playing them. Thanks for sharing with us today.

  2. Your games may have not been many but they are good ones! I too used to make cards and pieces out of discarded boxes or containers-everything was put to good use. I alway did the same with my children to spark imagination and learn to re-purpose. Makes for great memories!

  3. You are truly blessed with such wonderful memories.

  4. Those are great memories. Thanks for sharing them with us.

    I remember hours of playing board games and card games too. It's a shame a lot of children aren't getting to make those memories these days, because they're wonderful ones.

  5. We played Uno a LOT! It was one game where the littles had as good a chance at winning as the grown-ups. The also played Social Scramble, in which each player had a solitaire game in front of them, but once the aces were out, anybody could play on them. You went through your cards one at a time instead of three, the way solitaire is usually played. We had another game with a deck of letter cards, and a deck of object cards, and you had to call out, say, and animal that began with a "B". And honestly, I'd rather go to the GYN than play Monopoly.

  6. We always played board games with our children when they were young and now we get to play with grands. Today M brought up a game called Ingenius which was new to us. He had to help us a lot but didn't mind.


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