Saturday, August 1, 2020

Electric Fence

     The click, click sound of an electric fence still sounds ominous to me when ever I hear it.
     I was in first grade when my Dad fenced off a new pasture of sorts for a team of draft horses we had at our house for a while. 
     The horses intimidated me since they were much bigger and less friendly than our buggy horse, but even so I enjoyed tagging along with Daddy whenever he filled their tubs of water, and threw a few slices of hay over the fence for them.
     After getting shocked on the fence one evening while helping throw hay to the horses, I tried to keep a safe distance from it, not wanting to have a repeat of that pain.
     One evening I was playing in the sandbox when I noticed Daddy was taking care of the horses. I dropped my toys, jumped up, and ran to join him. The single stand of electric fence wasn't very visible, and I didn't notice Daddy was on the other side of the fence as I ran as fast as my little legs could carry me. I ran right into the fence, catching it right under my chin. I don't know how, but the fence broke. It gave me a nice red mark on my neck that lasted for a while.
      Daddy scooped me up and carried me to the house where Mom fussed over my injury, and he hurried back outside to patch the fence before the horses decided to wander away.
      Last night we spent some time at one of our good friend's house. We sat outside, near an electric fence with a horse that pranced about in his pasture. It brought back this memory. I could almost feel the pain of the shocking wire, and the impact of the fence on my neck once again just by thinking about it. 


  1. Oh! I am sure that a memory like that will stay with you. Glad you were not hurt worse.

    1. To this day I'm amazed that the fence tore. It could have been much worse.

  2. Oh my goodness! What a memory. I love that you wanted to be with your Daddy, but the pain that must have been for you. I'm so glad there were no lastig effects other than the avoidance of electric fences.

  3. We had an electric fence by our home place as kids, that the neighbor put up for his cows. Us kids, there were 7 of us, would play with the fence and got pretty toughened up with it, and loved it when our city cousins came up and we would convince them to hold our hand and we would grab the fence and of course the worse of the shock went to them. We still talk about it when we get together. How mean of us now that I think back on it. My brother rode his horse all over and would just lay on his back as he grazed along and one day he touched the fence with his mouth bit and wow! my brother got tossed off and the horse took off on a dead run. Oh goodness, the stories from years ago. Wendy

    1. I love stories from years ago! Thanks for sharing.

  4. That must have been incredibly painful. I'm glad you weren't hurt worse.


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