Monday, January 20, 2014

Books and Memories

As a child one of the highlights of going to visit Grandpa Mast's was that Aunt Vernie never tired of playing with us. One of our favorites was sitting on the couch while she read her treasured books to us.

It wasn't until after I learned to read that I discovered she had not been actually reading to us, but truthfully the books were never quite as interesting when I read them. I think to this day I still prefer her version.

I was happy when I found a copy of her favorite book, if I squint my eyes and block out the words on the pages I get carried back and John and I are once again sitting on either side of her studying the pictures, and I can still hear her animated, happy voice as she "reads" to us.

A Big Ball of String will always be more than just a fun book to me. It takes me down memory lane every time I see it and I enjoy my jaunts there, where for just a few minutes I'm a child again.


  1. Thanks so much for sharing. There is nothing like good memories of childhood. I enjoyed yours...

  2. Your post brought back a wonderful memory for me, of my great-grandmother. She died when I was just six years old, but I remember her sitting in her rocking chair, making string balls. She wrapped and wrapped and the ball got bigger and bigger! Hadn't thought of that in years!!

  3. What precious memories. I am assuming Vernie read the story how she wanted it to be.

  4. These childhood memories are so sweet to recall. It just goes to show that God gives everybody a role to play in life and your Aunt Vernie's seems to be giving younger family members happy childhood experiences to treasure forever.

  5. Such great memories Mary Ann, never forgotten because of the treasures you now carry in your heart!
    Grand'Pa was a great storyteller and did not use books either! The grand kids always knew when he filled his pipe and settled in his chair with us hanging around him, we were in for a treat! One of us could sit on his lap (I was his favourite!) and I can still smell the pipe and hear his voice...
    Great memories Dear! Thanks!!

  6. That used to be one of my favorite books too when I was a kid:-)


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