Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Bits and Pieces

While digging through my crowded pantry this morning searching for a package of chocolate chips that I was hoping would be hiding somewhere in the back I stumbled across a tin containing the last of last years candy canes I had hidden there.

A few fun Pinterest related ideas ran through my mind but since I didn't have enough to create one of the wreathes or candle holders with them I simply tossed them into the trash.
 Buddy loves books. He spends a lot of time looking at this picture in one of his favorite books and it sparked the following conversation:

Sunbeam: Do you think Buddy knows that is a picture of Jesus? He just looks and looks at it.
Me: It almost seems that way.
Sunbeam: Do you think he still remembers how Jesus looks?
Me: When did he see him.
Sunbeam: Before he was born he was living inside you and Jesus lives inside you too.
I loved that sweet thought.
Tonight we will be watching along with the rest of America as the election results come in. Which ever way they turn out I have hopes the evening will be enjoyable since we will be gathering at a friends house where we'll have plenty of good food and fun as we keep track of the latest updates.


  1. Left over sweets/lollies/candies can always be used. Smash or break them. Then simply add some of the pieces to cakes, muffins, or cookies. These are sweet foods anyway so the extras do not make much difference to the taste. But they do make a difference to the texture. It is really no different to adding nuts or peel to something, is it? Keep the mixture of broken bits in a jar with your cake-making supplies throughout the year. Waste not, want not.

  2. My daughter likes to break them into peices and add them to the water or milk while heating it for hot cocoa. It gives hot cocoa a taste of mint. Its good!

  3. I love how Sunbeam thinks Buddy Saw Jesus before he was born.

  4. I'm assuming Buddy was taking a break from reading Life with Lily when he was studying the Jesus picture book :)?

    By the way, I just finished your book and really enjoyed it. My 10 year old also loved it.

  5. Just ordered Life with Lily and I am super excited to read it (even tho it is for my 9 year old :P)
    Looking forward to its arrival.

  6. Don't you just love that that's how Sunbeam thinks of things? That's adorable ~ and what a great memory. Have a good weekend - I'm a bit late with commenting, but oh well. Sad the elections are over - I was really enjoying all those random phone calls and commercials...NOT. ha ha

  7. I know it is not part of this post but I had the privilege of recommending your book to a customer today for her daughter. It is so cool that we carry your book at the store I work at and that it feels like I have a connection to it after reading your blog for so long. Thank you for writing something that we can recommend to kids.

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