Friday, May 11, 2012

Sheer Terror

 Some of the shenanigans that LV and his brothers pulled off while they were growing up is almost enough to curl my hair. I'm amazed they managed to survive to become adults and that there were no broken bones or other injuries in the process.

Imagine for a moment if you will that you are lying on your back on top of a stack of hay. You are being pushed head first towards the edge and there is a sheer drop of twelve or more feet to the next stack of hay bales. No amount of trying will keep your brothers from pushing you over the edge. There is a moment of sheer terror as you fall but then you manage to turn in order to land on your feet.

Your brothers cheer as you climb back up the stack and now help push one of them over the edge.

This is only one example that has me wondering why no one got hurt and why their parents never found out what they were up to.


  1. Oh dear!
    I wasn't a very feminine little girl - my (boy) cousins and I played exactly this sort of game whilst my older brother stood around telling us he would tell our parents. We also rode our ponies fast under low branches, grabbed the branches and swung. We jumped into the fast flowing River Aire from a high bridge and dug tunnels that could easily have collapsed on us. Then there was chasing big brother James with worms, spiders etc. Poor boy, no wonder he was a nervous wreck!
    My children were adventurous, but I'd have been horrified if they had got up to the things I did 20 years before they were born. With parenthood, I turned into my brother and the world seemed to suddenly hold so many dangerous activities that hadn't seemed serious or scary when I took part in them myself.
    What a HORRIBLE child I was, when out of parental view.

  2. I think most children get up to things that seem terrifying looking back, and their parents would be annoyed and horrifyed to find they'd been doing.

  3. I remember my Mom telling me about a reunion she had with her siblings when they ranged from 40 - 50, their Dad in his 70's. They camped out together and sitting around the campfire told stories of what they had done in their childhood. Grandpa did not know any of that happened! He sat there, listening, shaking his head and told them he ought to line them up and give them a spanking just on principles. Funny -- I can't come up with stories on me!!

  4. My sisters and I got into all kinds of trouble when we were caught by our grandmother playing burglar. We lived in a cape cod style house and we were playing upstairs and in playing burglar we had to climb out of the second story window, inch across the window ledge past a non-opening window, then back in at the next window. Oh it was such fun. My grandmother walked in as my sister was inching her way past the middle non-opening window, we are probably lucky she didn't have a heart attack right then and there. We were like 6 and 8 at the time.
    My own children are now grown, they like to tell me about the crazy things they did and I thank the good Lord they never came to any harm either.
    Came across your blog from Salome Furlong's blog. You have a great blog, very engaging posts. I am going to try the pineapple fluff recipe for mothers day.

    Blessings to you,


  5. Loving Lord,
    We thank you for your love so freely given to us all.
    We pray for families around the world.
    Bless all Mothers' strengthen and support our marriage and family life.
    Empowered by your Spirit, may we be united in prayer and worship,
    and in love and service reach out as your hands across the world.
    In Jesus' name.

    have a blessed mothers day..loves soraya

  6. My father-in-law always said it was a mighty wonder any boy lived to be twenty-one!

    Of course, I once climbed out the bedroom window of my boarding school, shinnying down a rope of sheets.


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