Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Left Handed

We have been noticing how Buddy seems to favor his left hand when ever he wants to get something and are wondering if he will be left handed or if it's too soon to be able to tell.

If he is indeed left handed I am glad he won't have to go through the same things my Grandpa did. Being left handed when he was a little boy was not something that was accepted and he was never allowed to use his left hand in school.


  1. Awww, I love lefties! My dad was the same way as your grandpa. I thought it was just a Catholic school thing, but I guess not, huh? They made him write right-handed. I write right-handed but do everything else left-handed. I knew I was mixed up. :)

  2. i'm a lefty too, i never had to deal with people trying to make me write right handed, but I know I am like the lady in the above comment. I do most everything right handed....except write!...so I am considered a leftie....lol

  3. I have a son who favored his left had until he was well into 4 years old. He finally at that time decided on writing with his right hand (before that he wrote with both) He writes right handed but does everything else left.
    HE is SO cute btw

  4. It probably is too soon to tell, but I wouldn't worry about it. He sure is cute and getting so big!

  5. See if you can get Buddy's thumbs side by side. The thumb on the dominant hand will be slightly larger and squarer. You can tell this even at his age.

    I am left-handed, as was my dad. When I started school the teachers wanted to break me of it, and my father told them, in his best British accent, that if it was good enough for the King, it was jolly well good enough for his daughter! My right hand is only there so I have something to hang onto when I say my prayers. Totally useless otherwise.

    My husband is naturally left handed but was forced to use his right hand. As a result he is ambidextrious - meaning you can't read what he's written with either hand! He will sit at the table and eat with one hand and do the cross-word puzzle with the other. And then, just to be extra annoying, he was swap hands! The fink!

  6. I read that it's too early to tell and you won't know until about 2 years of aged. The reason i was reading about it was because I was wondering the same thing. My mother claims I started using my left hand around the age of 2 and my parents guided me to use my right.

  7. What a cutie! Back in the day, it was not allowed to eat or write with the left hand. I had my cousins dad be absolutely CRUEL toward him until he learned to be ambidextrous.
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  8. they did that to my grandmother in Jacksonville,Fla almost a hundred years ago...she was born 1906...she wrote beautifully with her right hand but she did everything else with her left. Made her sit on her left hand. I recall when I in school teachers would ask a lefty how can you write like that. Most would turn their hand. I can write with both but I don't turn my hand. It's not that good with my left...but legible. I had a lefty boss who would have me do some of her paper work and forge her name to it. I could do her handwriting perfect...LOL...I'd do the paperwork with my left. But I always but a mark on it lowercase "e" somewhere on the page so I would know I did it not her...

  9. Buddy is SO cute!

    Both hubby and I are right handed, but both our kids are lefties. Go figure. Actually, my daughter would switch back and forth, so I figured it didn't matter and started to teach her to write right handed. Of course she decided she wanted to write left handed! She is otherwise very ambidextrous.

  10. Very cute baby. My youngest son seemed to favor his left hand when he was little like that, but he grew up to be right-handed. Isn't it interesting how our perspective on things like left-handedness have changed through the years.

  11. I'm a lefty, the only one in my family (so, guess it's genetic and not something you learn by watching others). I was lucky - I was never punished at school for using my left hand, although my parents told me (they were both born in the early 1900s, and attended public school) that when they were in school any children who would use their left hand would be smacked on that hand with a ruler and told to use their right hand.

    After I read Lady Anne's comment above, I immediately checked my thumbs - but cannot notice any size or shape difference in my left thumb. I asked my son to check his thumbs, too (he's a rightie), but he couldn't find a difference either.

    When he was small, he showed a DEFINITE preference from at least four months, perhaps even earlier. And he still uses the hand he preferred back then (he's now almost 22). So, I guess it can depend on the child at what age he or she will indicate a favored use.

    It's such fun to watch and wonder as our children develop and grow, isn't it? Each time I see a new picture of Buddy, he looks so much bigger. He is such a cutie - ALL of your children are lovely!

    Back to handedness - glad you don't seem to be concerned which one Buddy will use. I guess I learned to write, and to use things like scissors, so young that I don't remember any problems living in a mostly right-handed world. I don't even think about it. If it does come up, though, I think I'm lucky to be one of the "special" small percentage of lefties in the world!


  12. I've watched children in school (pre K) switch hands when they color and "write". My favorite was a little boy who loved to paint and when he painted things on the left side of his paper, he used his left hand but when he painted things on the right side of the paper, he used his right :-)

    Our granddaughter started showing a definite pattern of left handedness when she was a little over 2. She is definitely a leftie and is now 4 1/2.

    My grandfather was ambidextrous.

    I write with my right hand but bat left handed when I play baseball ... or 'did' when I was a bit younger. Now, I mostly watch :-(

  13. I think sometimes they start showing a preference from day one, sometimes they change it at some point (between 2 and 4 usually, I think), and other times they swap and change for the first few years until they pick a preference. So Buddy could go either way. It will be interesting to see.

  14. I was a thwarted lefty!! couldn't write legibly til I was about 10. now, like others who have commented, I am largely ambidextrous. Buddy is lucky to have a mama who cherishes his uniqueness.


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