Friday, April 29, 2011

Questions for You

Having recently finished doing a Q&A series I now have a few questions to ask you.

  1. What is the big deal about the royal wedding? It seems every where I turn people are swooning and giddy. Am I missing out on something or why doesn't it interest me in the least?
  2. Do you think interest in the Amish culture will peak and start waning any time soon? Why?
  3. I am looking for some simple yet tasty recipes to use for our main course in the evening. Could you share some of your favorites?
  4. When you have people over to your house and their children are beyond rowdy, do you grin and bear it and vow to wait to invite them again until they're grown, or do you try to distract them with something else to do? What is the proper way to handle situations like this?
 I'll stop with these four questions today and let you answer those before I ask some more sometime. Maybe next week or maybe not until next year.


  1. 1. My main interst in the royal wedding was to see what Kate's dress looked like. I didn't wake up early enough to see the wedding ceremony, but I did get a good look at her dress, and I wasn't disappointed. It's neither right nor wrong to care about the wedding, and vice versa. I've heard many people say they're not remotely interested in the wedding.

    2. That's a very good question. I believe that since the Amish live differently than we Englischers means that we'll remain fascinated for quite some time, especially as modern life gets more and more complicated. The simple life looks that much more attractive.

    3. Do you have time to throw something in the crockpot? My family loves my crockpot carnitas, which I usually serve on Cinco de Mayo (no, I'm not Mexican-American) and crockpot Italian beef. Let me know if you're interested.

    4. I try to redirect them. I also have a teen daughter who helps with the younger set, so it's usually not that much of an issue here, anyway. Neither of us is shy about asking parents to help with their unruly kids.

  2. I don't care about the royal wedding either :)

    It is possible that interest in the Amish will begin to fade eventually, but I think there will always remain an interest in all other cultures, whether religious or ethnic.

    I make a lot of Mexican food, Chinese food, and most of all Italian food (I am living in Italy for 3 years). Three recent favorites were Pasta with Halibut, Cherry Tomatoes, and Fresh Parsley, Mushroom-Leek Quiche, and Eggplant Parmesan. In the winter I went through a huge soup phase and was making Creamy Potato-Leek Soup, Broccoli-Cheddar Soup, Chinese Chicken Soup with homemade wontons, White Chicken Chili, Pasta Fagioli, Potato Cheese Soup, Cowboy Stew, Creamy Butternut Squash Soup, Minestrone, Red Beans & Rice, Chicken-Noodle Soup, and Greek Lamb Stew. Just let me know which recipes you'd like and I'll email them to you :)

    I haven't had much experience with rowdy/disruptive children, but if it were me I would tell the kids that in my house the rule is to use inside voices and not roughhouse. I would offer the choice of playing something quiet and constructive like a board game, blocks, linkin logs, or dolls OR going outside to get their noise and wiggles out. If the children didn't obey I would politely mention the house rule to the parents and ask them to instruct their kids to respect the rule.

  3. 1. I could care less about the royal wedding. I agree, they are just two people. I did see on the news it cost $34 million. Just think of how much humanitarian aid that could of bought...

    2. I think people are always fascinated with things that are "different" from themselves so the interest in Amish culture will probably stay.

    3. I struggle with variety for the main supper meal. I really like Lynn's Kitchen Adventures and $5 dinners for ideas.

    4. I have three children 6 and under so I imagine my tolerance for the craziness is higher. I do struggle when kids who are mean to each other or blatantly disrespectful and the parents just ignore it. Sometimes I try and lightly step in and say "our house rule is ... let's try and do ... instead".

  4. 1. I am Australian and the wedding has been huge here. People have held parties and both my daughters donned tiaras for the occassion. I guess we are still very royalist at heart but the Brits do pomp so well. Also for us the wedding was prime time Friday night.

    2. I would love to see an Amish home etc but live so far away it is most unlikely. Personally I think our fast paced world makes people hanker for simpler and easier. Goodness only knows when the interest will wane. I, also, think that many would like to have the skills that this community have.

    3. Dinner is the bane of my existance. I feed three generations and the reactions have dampened my desire to cook. In hot weather I serve lots of fresh salads and fruits.

    4. Your home, your rules is my motto. I don't know if there is a correct way. I have tried to emphasise things like the rule is no hitting etc when things are truly out of hand. It is also handy to have activities handy. Some will just run wild if there is a huge amount of space but will settle down when given less option. My children are 19, 17 and 14...I never mastered how to deal with some behaviours.

  5. 1. The wedding was no big deal at our house. I did show the children a short snippet of video today as they are interested in the idea of kings and queens (we're getting ready to learn about the middle ages in homeschool).

    2. I do not think interest will wane unless the population in general moves more toward a home and farm based lifestyle - which is not likely.

    3. Favorite easy dinners: tacos - just make up beans, a meat if desired, and put some lettuce, cheese, and tomatoes in bowls. Everyone makes their own on tortilla chips or in a wrap.

    4. Rowdy children - nope, we don't grin and bear it. We intervene if the parent does not, asking the child directly to stop XYZ and offer alternative activities to do. If the child does not decide to play appropriately and the parent does not do anything we end the visit calmly but firmly with something along the lines of "Well, we had a nice time but it looks like ___child's name___ needs some time in his/her own home as they are not able to play nicely. Thanks for coming over. See you again soon." and they are escorted out. :) It's just not okay for their children to teach ours that misbehavior and ignoring your elders is okay. Still doesn't make it easy - and we've had a few offended adults over it before too.

  6. 1. I, too, wonder what the big deal is about the Royal Wedding. I've never understood the fascination. Maybe it is the fairy tale come to real life? I don't know. I just know that I have yet to turn my TV on today because I know it will be everywhere. Ugh.

    2. I think the interest in the Amish will level out. Part of the interest was because of the mystery. Now that books have been written and those who have left the Amish communities have been answering questions, some of the mystique is gone. It is no longer an unknown that has to be sought after. However, I believe the way of life is so different from what the rest of society is used to, that the interest will always be there.
    3. I've been heading over to Pioneer Woman's web site every time I'm looking for a good and tasty meal. If you haven't checked out her recipes, I highly recommend it. Just go to my blog and she is listed under my friends.
    4. I've always felt that when children are in my house, I have a right to protect what is mine. Since my own children were usually playing with the rowdy kids, even though they might not have been the ones to cause the rowdy behavior, I would tell my own children that they must settle down and find something else to do. This admonishment would then extend to the other children. It may not have been exactly fair to my kids, but it worked.

  7. 1. A wedding is a beautiful, happy occasion--there's even a Biblical connection. Someday, Christ will be joined with His bride, the church. My husband and I were married in the same year as Diana and Charles, and our son was married earlier this month. Also I share a birthday with Diana, July 1. It's fun to see the fashions. Yes, the wedding was extravagant, but I'm sure the result is millions of pounds for hotels, restaurants, etc.

    3. One of my favorite recipe blogs is Mennonite Girls Can Cook.
    For simple in the summer, we grill out.

  8. 1> Well I wanted to see her dress adn it was fabulous, and I wanted to see the inside of the Abbey and both the dress and teh Abbey are fabulous!
    2) I have no idea - lol.

    3) Have you visited ? They have lots of tasty recipes some complicated but most are not.

    4) I might invite them over again but on a limited basis and then I have to get myself in the right frame of mind to have them over. And I also put away anything breakable *grin* Also, if the weather is nice I might send the kids outside to run it off. How I handle it alse depends on how well I know the parents.

  9. I'm American; I see no need to be concerned with royalty and their weddings. Of course, I hate weddings. There's that, too. I don't hate that people get married, I just hate the ritual, and being forced to attend or participate. But I've always been strange.

  10. 1. I don't care about the royal wedding, though I'll be watching it later today, just because I want to say I saw it. yeah, IDK. But I think my almost 6 year old will like it.
    2. I think the Amish will always be intriguing because its a simpler way of life, and if we were all honest, we all wish for a simple life.
    3. We love Chicken and Rice casserole. I'm posting it on my blog today.
    4. Because I have small children of my own, I would encourage them to play a quiet activity, and make suggestions. There are some things we only get out when we have company that are a little bit more quiet. I think its easier to make suggestions for things the children can play if you make it through your children.

  11. 1. I didn't get up to watch the wedding and this morning really needed the local news. We live in the middle of the TX wildfires and could smell one this morning but didn't know where it was.
    2. I think most people long for a simpler life and visiting or reading about the Amish puts them in that frame of mind if only for a while.
    3. I'll have to email a few of our favorite recipes. But Amanda's Chicken and Rice casserole sure sounds good!
    4. Funny you should ask. Yesterday, my daughter had to deal with this situation. She was at a loss as what to do. I told her that I have stepped in when a parent refused and explained what our house rules were to the child and that while here they would have to follow them. If not, I've asked them to leave and come back when the child would comply.

  12. 1) I am mildly interested in the royal wedding, but seeing a photo has satisfied my curiosity. I actually realized why I cared even a little this morning and just blogged about it ( It has to do with being 6 when Charles & Diana got married (prime fairy tale age). A lot of the obsession is similar to when a favorite celeb gets married and pictures abound. This is just public, so there's no need to wait for the tabloids to get their illicit photos.

    2) I think a lot of interest in the Amish is because we are getting to technological. Seeing a 'simpler' (I use quotes on purpose there) way of life has appeal. It isn't that simple, but I don't think interest will wane, at least while we are facing energy crises and all the issues that stem from a life of constant connection. In a few years, we all might be taking lessons on how to do things without oil and coal to run everything.

    3) Some friends of mine actually have a great recipe blog with a lot of freezer meals and slow cooker meals. They all have busy families, so having something ready to thaw and cook is great. I highly recommend perusing the recipes. I've tried quite a few and found them easy and tasty.

    4) Since anyone I have over to my house is someone I know, if their kids are too rowdy, I usually tell the kids directly not to touch something or whatever. It can be done gently in such a way as to not be rude or step on parenting toes. The parents are usually pretty quick to follow up. Sometimes a simple "we don't do that in our house" is all it takes to nudge the parents into action.

  13. 1) I have no real interest in the wedding and don't really understand why so many in America and through out the world do. It sickens me to know the amount of money that was spent on that event.

    2) I think that because to those of us that don't live the simple life that the Amish do that the interest will wane but will also be revived. I lived for some time in Pennsylvania with visits to Lancaster and other areas in the state. I believe that because it is a different mindset living beside the hustle and bustle of this world it draws interest.

    3) Easy dinners are something I am always looking for. We eat dried beef gravy and potatoes for dinner when I can't think of something else and we are wanting something from PA. I also make a sausage and hamburg cassarole that my husband came up with.

    4)I don't have many children in my home but always taught my children that if they didn't behave in anothers home they would be disciplined appropriately on the spot. I think if there were a child in my home not obeying rules I would have to comment to the parent that such and such isn't allowed in my home.

  14. As an English woman I loved the Royal wedding. I think it has given the country something new to be happy about, and something to set the Royal family back on a better footing after the Diana/Charles/Camilla debacle. We have a monarchy and it was good to see so many hundreds of people who were cheering and pleased to be part of things.

  15. Oh the royal wedding!! I didn't watch (one because we don't own a TV and the other because I don't care!) Haha I think its sad more people seem to be putting attention on that wedding than to what happen to all those poor people in Alabama!

    I believe that people find the Amish so interesting because the simplicity... I know I am drawn to them only because my family and church family are known as the "simple people" of our town. Its neat to see some one you can some what relate too..

    Meals... I point you to
    Her meals are soo yummy!!

    I have 2 boys.. the oldest is almost 3 and is FULL OF ENERGY!! When close friends are over we all treat the kids like they are our own..I try not to be hard on the kids.. because after all.. they are kids..

  16. 1. I honestly didn't even know about the royal wedding until a few days ago, and was not interested at all. The lives of celebrities, whether royal, athletes, actors, etc do not interest me. I don't think there is anything wrong with taking a look, but the obsession our culture places on celebrities consumes the energy we should have for seeking the lost, the needy, and the glory of God.

    2. I think there will always be interest in the Amish culture, because so much of it is unknown and mysterious to the outside world. Whether food (I can still remember the funny look I got the first time I mentioned a whoopie pie or shoofly pie after moving out of Pennsylvania); transportation; values; roles within the family and church-so much is so different from the modern culture that the outside world either idolizes or scandalizes it. I find myself still often searching for things related to the Amish culture though, too, so I suppose I contribute to the phenomenon. For my part though, I grew up amidst an Old Order settlement in North Central PA, and there are things I've come to associate. When my girls need shoes, there is an Amish run hardware store in my hometown where we go for the quality and price; there is a fabric store there with the best prices and a great deal better advise about dressmaking than any craft store locally, several lovely greenhouses with very low prices. There is a certain quality and service standard that I got used to from those stores growing up which causes me, I suppose, to have a bit of a bias when I'm looking for something now! I have to partially laugh and share in your wonder about the interest waning, because the interest in the Amish is oftentimes based on a few ideals or icons. My daughters and I wear only skirts/blouses or dresses (mostly all handmade) and I wear a headcovering (not a kapp mind you, but a hanging black veil) and I can't even remember now how often my husband has been asked if I'm Amish!

    3. What about goulash (The pasta version, not the soup or stew) Being from PA, you may already know of that, but it's basically spaghetti made with macaroni noodles, cooked altogether with the sauce and meat so the flavors blend. For some reason it just tastes better to me! Grilled Chicken Salads; Baked Potato Bar; Pizzas (you could make small crusts and let everyone fix their own); grilled cheese and soup; cottage pie; pot pie (or "chicken and dumplings"); Potato Soup; Chicken Alfredo (my older girls love helping me make whole wheat egg noodles for this, and it tastes so good with them)

    4. We try not to let things get too out of hand at our home, although we only have one family we usually have to worry about, whom my husband gives music lessons. We usually address those children directly. Otherwise, if things are just getting a little rowdy, we will address our children (loudly enough for the others, and their parents, not to pretend they didn't hear!) If it's behavior you cannot stop, and the parents refuse to do anything I would separate your kids. I've had to send mine to bed early before because other children were antagonizing bad behavior. I agree with one of the previous posters, it's unfortunate to have to "punish" your own, but it's much better than letting the negative influence rub off.

  17. 1. I think a lot of the fascination is because we (in America...I hear the Brits are not nearly as "into" the wedding as we are) don't have royalty, so it all seems so Cinderella-y and fairy tale-ish. Especially with a young, good looking couple.
    Plus, it's good news, in a world full of bad.

    2. No. There is always a yearning for "the good old days" and simpler times, and people tend to romanticize the Amish into that yearning. (They don't realize how much WORK it really is.) The more fast-paced society becomes, the more the fascination will grow.

    3. We live in central Texas with a very warm climate, so we base lots of meals on salads. Start with a basic tossed green salad, and add either broiled or smoked fish, or beans & cheese, or chicken salad scooped into get the idea. Also I think casseroles are under-rated. Toss everything in a pan in the over - how easy is that?

    4. This can be hard to deal with. It depends a lot on whether the kids are just rambunctious, or are actually misbehaving. Rowdy kids I can usually handle; I just try to make sure there's a space for them (where breakables are put away, etc.) with something to do, or send them outside.
    If they are actually misbehaving, I will tell them, "The rules in our house are....and you must follow the rules while you are here." They usually mind after that; somehow they just don't think anyone will dare tell them what to do, but when you do, you call their bluff and they'll do it. If they don't, I will ask them to leave. The influence on my children must be paramount, and being embarrassed or hurting feelings cannot put my family, for whom I am responsible, in second place.

  18. 1 & 2: I think the answer to these questions is similar. Many people are interested in royalty or in the Amish because those lifestyles are so different from their own. Personally, I'm more interested in royalty, because I'd way rather live a life of ease in a palace than live on a farm - but different strokes, and all that. I don't really see this changing.

    3. Chop up a large onion and a large bell pepper. Saute in olive oil until soft. Thinly slice about 3/4 lb. link sausage and saute that for awhile.(I use Hillshire Farms turkey kielbasa, but any similar smoked sausage would be fine.) Add 1 or 2 cans drained and rinsed black beans. Add 1 or 2 cans diced tomatoes (I like the Rotel hot ones, but that's just a matter of taste.) Add enough water to keep it soupy, and simmer for about 20 minutes. Eat alone, or served over rice.

    4. I can't remember having overly rowdy children in the house - however, my policy is to shoo kids outside as much as possible anyway.

  19. I have been slightly interested in the royal wedding, not following it to a tee, getting preturbed about all the financial gain people are trying to make on it (I make ooak babies on ebay, and one person actually posted a small baby they had made calling it The Royal Baby. Apparently they thought they would join the racketeering.

    In any case, the mild interest is for a few reasons..One of which is the culture of it all..The US can be very "untraditional" and very "uncultured"..I am intrigued with (in many cases) what is unique. To me, Royalty is very traditional, very different, and if nothing else, makes me feel a part of the fairy tale stories I read incessantly as a child. I stumbled upon part of it today, and I loved looking at all the ladies with their fancy hats, each different, some ridiculous, some stylish.
    The other, my grandparents immigrated from Europe so European traditions fascinates me. Lastly, my grandmother looked alot like the queen herself and has always reminded me of her..Gazing on her is a gentle reminder of the grandmother that I love and miss. Not that you wanted a book I am sure, but that's why I was slightly interested at least :)

    My children are seemingly always rowdy, so if decided to wait till they were more mature, I don't believe I would ever entertain company :) Distracting helps some, asking my children for one on one help also helps some because it helps them feel important while entertaining.

    Your second question can be answered by your first- people are fascinated by what is different, Amish culture is the "same" as European culture. For someone who lives a completely different lifestyle, it is interesting, and appealing, especially for those who are inundated with the worldly living and conveniences of today.

    What types of foods do you like? I've got some easy mealtime recipes that feed a family, but it really all depends on what you like :)

  20. Just going straight to #2... Are men as enamored with the Amish lifestyle as women? I always saw it as a female thing.
    I thinkt that most women would love to go to a more simpler life. One where the husband takes headship and makes the major decisions. Where they can stay at home. And the community is something that most nuclear families are missing today. I don't know if it is the lack of electricity or appliances... I admire the Mennonite people as well.

  21. 1. So tired of the wedding. Leave them alone already, don't care and to be honest haven't they suffered enough from the press.
    2. Before amish fiction it was suspense and medical mystery. It will eventually fade. People are already getting tired of all the amish books that are coming out.
    3. Bear with me on this recipe:
    1 can cream of chicken soup
    1 can hominy drained
    1-2 cans vienna sausages, cut into thirds
    1 big can tamales, cut into thirds

    Mix all together, if you would like, keep 1 or 2 tamales whole to put on top. Put in 350 degree oven till bubbly. Top with shredded cheese and heat till melted. My kids ate this up, never had any leftovers. It is rich though, be warned.
    4. I have been blessed by never having anyone over with wild children, yet. However I have been know to talk very loudly to the kids at church about running in the church and playing in the sanctuary. So I think I would probably do that at home. It is my house, my rules. If you do not like it, sorry deal with it. I no longer have patience with cranky, out of control children. So maybe it is good no one comes over.

  22. 1. I'm with you on the wedding thing - I have no interest whatsoever, but then I have no interest in anything that the US "celebrities" do either.
    2. I think the interest in a simpler way of life is growing and that the Amish communities epitomize that way of life. It used to be the "hippies" or "back-to-the-landers" and now it is the Amish. More people are becoming interested for many reasons - the economy creates interest in learning to become more frugal, gardening, home cooking, preserving,etc. which is the way the Amish communities live, so the interest will continue growing I think.
    3. My crockpot is my go-to tool. I can take a cut of beef, add a can of cream of mushroom soup and a packet of onion soup mix, let it cook all day and serve it over noodles for an easy meal. Similarly, I cook beef or pork with either canned or freshly roasted green chiles, some onion and garlic in the crockpot and we will serve it either as burros wrapped in flour tortillas or just in a bowl with some salsa and sour cream on top and scoop it with flour tortillas. I also use the same principal for making barbeque or pulled pork sandwiches! Easy peasy!
    4. The children who visit my home play by my rules. I do "child-proof" my home to a degree when expecting very young children to give their parents some peace of mind, but other than that, they are expected to behave - if their parents don't correct them, I do. But that being said, I have never had a problem - the people who visit me all feel the same way I do!

  23. 1. Royal Wedding. Big fat hairy deal.

    2. As those of us In The World find our lives more complex and frustrating, we will long for simplicity, which we think we find in Amish culture. Don't think it's gonna wane soon.

    3. Maggie's One Pot Wonder.
    Sausage (kielbasa works but I like our local stick sausage),
    Red Jacket Taters, washed, not peeled.
    1 head of Cabbage, 1 med onion and a coupla cloves of garlic, chicken stock.
    Cut sausage into coins & saute for a coupla minutes while you dice the onion & the garlic. Toss them in with the sausage. Stir. Cut the red potatoes into quarters if big, halves if small, toss on top of the sausage/onions/garlic. Roughly chop the cabbage and put on top of the taters. Season as you wish, pour a cup or so of the chicken stock on top, cover the pot well & let it simmer 'til the taters are done. Nummy & simple.

    4. Rowdy kids get a re-direct from me to start with, then the parents get a raised eyebrow, followed by a talking-to if the problem doesn't cease. And no more invites either.


  24. I think a lot of the interest in the wedding is simply that it is happy news in a time when we desperately need it. Plus, they both seem to be such really down-to-earth, decent young people we just wish them well. They didn't enter this "likely or ill-advisedly" the way so many movie stars do. William has grown up in the prublic eye, and seems to be everybody's favorite nephew.
    I think interest in Amish ways will continue. Those who are looking for a simpler way to live will be looking for "hints" and people who are overwhelmed by the day-to-day rat race will be dreaming of escape.
    We eat our main meal at noontime, rather than in the evening, and one "Heavens, look atthe time" meal is Taco Potatoes. Baked potatoes, spread open and topped with vegetarian chili, and then chopped veggies, and either salsa or ranch dressing and some grated cheese.
    The Lord of the Manor and I are in our late 60s, so we seldom have unruly children, and those few we have had have - fortunately - been reprimanded by their parents. Most youngsters enjoy playing games on the computer so we suggest that or a game of cards - UNO or something of that sort.

  25. I feel the same way about the royal wedding. What's the big deal? I'm really not that interested.
    I think the interest in Amish culture stems from a weariness with the complexities of urban life. We yearn for a simpler way of life.

  26. 1. I watched the royal wedding to see the gown. I love any show or photos of wedding gowns. I loved helping my daughters pick out their gowns. This one did not disappoint me at reminded me of the gown Princess Grace of Monaco wore many, many years ago.(I am 65, so I remember). As far as the royal family goes, they hold no interest for me.

    2. I have been interested in the Amish ever since I was a youngster. I grew-up outside of Lancaster, PA. I do not know if the interest will wane for the general public, but it won't for me.

    3. Rowdy children, hmm...I am a retired kindergarten teacher, with four grown kids and soon to be five grands, so I am used to lots of commotion. I try to have activities to occupy little visitors. I guess if the kids were destructive or hurtful and their parents repeatedly did not guide them to more acceptable behaivour, I would think hard about entertaining them again. (because the adults did not step-up and parent).

    4. Dinners ideas are hard because some of our toddlers are picky eaters. What they eat one week with gusto, they say no thank-you to the next. I make homemade spaghetti sauce and serve it with whole wheat pasta. We have lots of raw veggies for the kiddies, and the adults like salad. In a pinc, I will make an egg and potato omlet. Mostly, I cook Italian food.

  27. I just spent 20 minutes typing a response, and then Blogger dumped it. Bother. Maybe I'll try again later!

  28. 1. We watched the wedding and it was beautiful and magical and fairy-tale like. With so many sad and scary things that often happen in the world it is nice to have something that filled with "magic" like this. My 7 year old is very much into fairies and happy ever after and her favourite princess is Cinderella. She even named her cat Prince Charming. So to show her a real live queen, prince and a girl who is marrying a prince was so special to watch.

    2. I think the interest in the Amish will always be there because it is different to what people are used to. In a world filled with technology and so on ppl will always be fascinated by the lifestyle and wonder about the religious aspect of it.

    3. One of my kids' favourite meals is my pasta dish. Basically I take pasta like macaroni or ribbon shaped pasta, mixed in some cooked mince and cooked bacon and mix a cheese sauce through. Sprinkle cheese on top and put in the oven for a bit and voila!

    4. When kids behave badly I hold my tongue because more often than not the parent doesn't believe their kids are badly behaved, but then I'm reluctant to invite them again. Or we go to their house so I can go when their kids start acting up.

    Lea White

  29. I just had the same thing happen....typed forever, then it wouldn't let me post....ughhhh, technology. Maybe it's because I wasn't signed in first??

  30. I just thought of another quick and easy meal - "Six Can Soup". One can of veggie or chicken broth (the ready to eat kind, not condensed), 2 cans of any sort of cream soup, one can of rinsed and drained black beans, one can of drained corn, and one can of "flavored" tomatoes - garlic and mushroom, Mexican, etc. Toss 'em all in a large pot, stir well, heat and eat. You can also toss in a bit of left-over veggies, such as broccoli or mushrooms, or diced chicken if you eat it. I usually mix the creamed soup and broth together first to make sure they are well blended. I *always* have enough stuff on hand to make two batches of this, just for emergencies such as power failures, as it will feed the two of us at least two meals and sometimes three.

  31. My answers:

    1. I have no idea. I don't get why people are making such a big deal over the wedding, and don't really feel I'm missing anything by avoiding even thinking about it. I think I'm one of few people around here not to watch it, but I don't care. I have better things to do, thank you! (And I've made no secret of my opinion; despite people thinking I'm mental for it).

    2. I think the interest will be there for a while yet. For one thing, people have a fascination for knowing what happens in the lives of others (particularly if it will be different to their own lives). For another thing, I think - on some level - that people want to go back to the simpler way of life, and - to many people - the Amish way of life is the simpler way of life.

    3. I have over 350 recipes on my recipe blog (most of them quite simple ones). If you want to check it out, go to

    4. I try to distract them with something else to do, but try not to make it too obvious that I think their children need to learn some serious manners. As for inviting them back; that depends who they are. Family and close friends I invite back, and just try and persuade the children that playing with the toys I have for visiting children is much better than destroying my home. With anyone else I try and leave it as long as possible between visits. It feels like the right thing to do to just try and distract the children; after all, most people get very defensive if you question their parenting skills (especially if you, yourself, are not a parent).

  32. 1 - Didn't interest me, either. But I'm considerably older and watched Charles and Dianne's wedding because it was somewhat of a fairy tale. I'm long past the "lived happily ever after" acceptance.
    2 - No. It has remained a successful way of life through multiple changes in this country. People will continue to wonder, "Why?"
    3 - I've posted some of my favorite recipes on a blog I like recipes that are somewhat simple and they must be flexible.
    4 - Depends on how close the friendship is, and how long I want it to last. When my children were small -- they were born in 1962, 63 and 64, so you know they were close together! -- probably between 4-6, I could take them into a dimestore (look it up) and they never reached for things on the shelf. I taught them to ask me if they wanted to look at something and I would pick it up so we could look at it together. Then I respected their request. If parents did not discipline their children, I asked the parents if they would please look after their child. The proper way? That's been forty years ago. Things have changed -- but I think it would work. If they didn't see to their child, the next invite follows their child's graduation, for my book.

  33. 1. The Royals are always fascinating for most people (they are celeberities). I haven't paid too much attention to it. I did put the tv on after my devotions this morning (6:20 am) and noticed that the guests sit facing the aisle not the front.

    2. I think the Amish will always be fascinating. They are part of our country's history. I think it could be their lifestyle is different from the rest of the world.

    3. My favorite meals, lasagana, shrimp, roast beef and mashed potatoes, and our homemade chicken noodle soup. For the soup: A pot with a whole chicken or chicken legs and thighs, add carrots, onion, salt/pepper/and other spices. Let it cook on low to medium heat. After a couple of hours, the chicken is almost done, peel potatoes and cut them up into the soup. When the potatoes are done, boil water in another pot and cook noodles. ladel soup over noodles in bowls and eat.

  34. Hi MaryAnn,

    Answers to your questions ...

    1. Royal Wedding ... I personally have no interest.

    2. Interest in Amish culture ... Will it wax and wane? I think there is a peaked interest in the culture because of the fiction authors who write stories set within the Amish culture. When compared to mainstream literature, the stories are wholesome and I think many in our culture are STARVED for a clean form of entertainment. Unfortunately, we "Englishers" have been raised in environments of T.V. and Radio which have become sest pools of immorality. Many have grown sick of this immorality. The fiction writers mentioned above provide something that is wholesome and it is set in what is perceived to be a wholesome culture. When these writers stop writing stories set in the Amish culture - I think the mainstream interest will wane.

    3. Easy recipes ... My favortie, easy main course recipe - a beef, venison or pork roast placed in the crockpot, add 1 can of cream of mushroom soup and a little pepper to taste. Cover and cook on low 6-8 hours.

    4. Unruley children. 1st of all since I have very nice furniture that I don't want to get runined, everyone who comes to my home knows that food and drinks are forbidden outside my kitchen. When visiting children are unruley, there are two ways I try to distract them. #1 I take out a board game and see if they will play, if that doean't work, #2 We go outside. I will take some sweet tea or lemonade out to the picnic table & visit with my guests while the children run around like crazed animals outside. If the children are not able to excercise self control within two visits, I do not invite them back.

  35. 1. Most of us in the USA don't have an emotional connection to Europe or the royal family. I think that is why it isn't so important to us. I have been around for three generations of royal weddings and find them interesting. I did watch some of it and enjoyed it too. I think her gown and veil were very nice and William was very handsome in his uniform. I pray that William and Kate will accomplish what the Lord put them here to do. I think Diana would have been proud of her Wills and pleased with his choice of a wife.
    2. The Amish are a beautiful example for us. The frugal way of life, the close knit families and the morals they live by are to be honored. I believe more families will be drawn to this way of life. They are here to stay.
    3. Simple recipes. LOL! Those are about the only kind I make these days. Tater Tot casserole, goulash, scalloped potatoes with meat and veggies, spaghetti, CHicken & rice, Chicken & stuffing with veggies, chicken veggie salad, Soups & stews. Let me know if any sound interesting to you and I'll send the recipes.
    4. When the children of my visitors don't go by the rules of my house and their parents don't correct them, I do. All children need to be taught to respect others and their homes. There is always the situation where the parents don't know your rules so a tactful talk can eliminate the problem.
    I hope I have been a little help.

  36. I have to say, I didn't even know when the "royal wedding" was. I was disappointed to find out the couple had been living together without marriage for some time.
    As a kid, we toured a Hutterite colony as a field trip. I find the more simple-living cultures interesting because of the value on hard work and cleanliness and family, things I value too.
    If a family was known to be unruly, we would be cautious about inviting them over, and make sure there was lots of supervision. I agree with previous posters who said that when kids are in my house, it's my rules and I remind them of the rules kindly and firmly in front of the parents, who have always been conscientious about following up. Although I like to give kids a little leeway cuz no one is perfect, if they were swearing, violent, destructive, etc. I doubt they would be invited over again!

  37. I had my whole comment typed and it wouldn't load for some reason...ugh!
    1. I have no interest in the royal wedding but I think people do because it goes along with our culture's obsession with fairy tales which really aren't reality.
    2. I think interest in the Amish is actually going to continue to grow for two main reasons. One reason is that as the economy continues to get worse I think people are going to be more drawn to Amish or other pioneering practices. The second reason is because of the appearance that the Amish have close family relationships and are surrounded by a tight knit community to share in life together. I say appearance because because I don't know if this is necessarily true or something we just think to be true. Your story seems to say that it is true! Our culture as a whole is full of broken relationships and families and the church hasn't always been the refuge and support it should be either so we have a culture (especially of younger people) who are starved for genuine relationships and I think this is part of the fascination with the Amish, not to mention the slower pace of life. Also, I think it has to do with our fascination and desire to learn about the unknown.
    3. Pork Chops with Apple Stuffing: Grease 9x13 pan and spread a can of (or homemade) apple pie filling on the bottom. Brown 6 pork chops in oil and place on top. Prepare stuffing according to directions and spread over the pork chops. Bake covered at 350 for 45 minutes and then uncovered for 15 minutes.
    4. Especially since I have little children too I tend not to do much with other rowdy children. If the parents are people I am more comfortable with I might say something or another common thing I do is to address all the children, including mine about what is appropriate so that it isn't necessarily pointing out your guests.

  38. 1. I was not too interested in the royal wedding and I'm Canadian. It really meant nothing to me as they lived together for 9 years...and the cost for such extravagance when millions of children are starving, is beyond me. Very sad actually.

    2. I think there will always be a fascination with the Amish.

    3. I love and

    4. I will address ALL the children together and explain the I don't just single out the children who are guests. My children know that when I speak to them about a certain behaviour at the time and they are behaving, that I am actually directing it the the problem child/ren and they understand. I don't like confrontation, but I also don't like over rowdy children when others are trying to visit.

  39. 1. I think the whole thing with the wedding (or so I have been told, as I didn't get into either) was because there hasn't been such a big royal wedding of this importance for a long time, and also the fact that he (william) was marrying a "commoner". So it was a real life fairytale, or so everyone is saying. :)

    2. I think people are fascinated with the Amish because I think in some ways they wish they had the courage (or faith) to be able to live so simply. I know I have longed to be able to have such a "simple" life. I think the fascination will just continue to grow as our (englischers) lives just continue to get more complicated and bogged down with technology and the such.

    4. I don't know what your opinion is on anything canned, but one thing I love to make for my family a chicken and rice meal. You get a can or two of cream of chicken (or cream of mushroom depending on what you like) and put it in a pan with water. Add a couple of cups of rice and veggies (frozen or not), then lay several chicken breast halves over top. Put into oven at 350 degrees (F) and cook until the chicken is no longer pink. I usually add cheese over top once the Chicken is getting close to being done. My girls love this dish and it is very easy to put together, just have to wait for it to cook.

    5. If there are children at my house that are being rowdy I will usually say nothing to the parents, but I will excuse myself from the "adult area" and go in and try to see if I can get them focused on something calm (like a quiet game or drawing or something like that). Doesn't always work, but it usually will then clue in the other parents who then, most of the time, will take care of it.

  40. 1. We all like happy endings. What is learned by the study of literature is the foundation of human express of the Creator and His design as well as how the enemy of our soul tries to pervert the use of language. Over the years Christians, under repressive regime, used poetry, fairy tales and stories to relate the concepts of the Bible in order to have the telling under open eyes and ears without persecution.

    Children and adults alike needed to hear the redemptive stories of Scriptures without being subject to dreadful and evil endings. The stories of the “Prince” on his white horse were the renderings of our Lord Jesus coming soon on His white majestic steed to rescue His own.

    The “Beauty and the Beast” was founded in the story of the one prideful king who the Lord turned into a beast of the field until he was humbled. Unaware of passing on the Biblical stories often the repressive establishment retold the stories and of course embellished them with their own flavor.

    Every fairytale has an element of truth and it is this human nature is drawn to. We are created to seek something higher than self and it is often seared from the truth until the gospel message is preached. This is the drawing of such as the prince and his bride.

    2. People will always idealize what they think is a simply life when life gets complicated. If Scriptures are correct these interest will only continue to rise as the difficulty in the economy and political scene rise. So if the interest in the Amish do wax away, there will be something else to replace it.

    3. will have to think on this one.

    4. The proper thing to do with rowdy children if their parents will not discipline, is to first ask the parents to deal with the situation and if they ignore the request advise them you will, in as kind of a manner as you can. Children can be taught to respect the rules of others and if the adults have a problem with it, they will get the message and most likely not return. But the rule of the home is under the Head of Christ, then the husband, then the wife. God is a God of order not disorder and it is important children and parents alike understand to have a civil fellowship, behavior and manner matters. It may not be popular but it is biblical.

    Mrs. J.

  41. 1-I haven't any interest in 'the Royals', wedding or otherwise. I've seen some of yesterday's wedding ONLY because it was on the news, but otherwise, not so much.
    2-I believe those who are interested in the Amish are wishing their lives were simpler. As for me,I like 'social studies', I enjoy seeing the way others live, especially when it's quite different from my own. I've always felt that I'd like to live a 'pioneer lifestyle' and to some extent, it seems to me that the Amish live that way. Their hard work and discipline is admired.
    3-Recipes: many here, I'm all for simple, quick and easy. I've got a good one for vegetable beef soup. Let me know, and I'll send it. It takes about 20 min to do the preps, and then you just simmer until it's ready.
    4- We've had visitors with rowdy children. I've had to remind them at times that we don't jump on our furiture or drink juices or eat snacks in the living room. There were some (two different ones) who were asked to stay out of the flower gardens and to be careful of a young weeping cherry sapling. Within moments the boy jumped on the sapling, riding it like a horse, and I loudly let him know that it was not acceptable. A little girl actually wandered slowly to the border of the flower garden, climbed over the bricks which surrounded it and stood in the middle of it, picking the creeping phlox. Her mother took care of that, and the 4 year old sheepishly apologized to me. I accepted her apology,but asked her to please not do it again.

  42. 1. I honestly couldn't care less about the royal wedding. However, I know many people that have had tea parties, etc. to celebrate or view the wedding. At first I thought, "how lame", but then I figured that it's just a fun excuse for a harmless party. There is so much heavy, serious, ugly stuff going on in the world...maybe it's okay to lighten up a bit and celebrate a news "fluff piece".

    2. People will always be fascinated with cultures or groups that are somewhat secretive, whether it's the Amish, the freemasons, or some secret college society. (and, no, I'm not trying to lump those three together).

    3. We love Lentil Barley Stew from the More with Less Cookbook that came out of the Mennonites. If you would like the recipe, I'd be glad to send it to you. We usually serve it with homemade bread or rolls. So easy and SO delicious. Everybody likes it - even the pickiest of my five kids.

    4. Depends on whether it's just rowdy or downright destructive. If they're out of control and wrecking things and the parents don't do anything to stop it, I think my daughter's time is better spent in the company of other, less obnoxious kids. I have four older boys and when they were younger and we'd visit folks for dinner, we would never have let them run wild! That being said, I don't think anything is wrong with being a little boisterous and wrestling and such. But I'm sure that's not what you mean.

  43. I spent a couple of hours with my dd's yesterday watching the wedding... We wanted to see the hats. Oh, my, they just cracked us up. They came in every variety: trash can lid, jellyfish, taco salad bowl, satellite dish, cereal bowl, chimney brush, canoe, bird nest, cymbal, haystack, can't think what else. Our favorite was the octopus. hahahahhaa!!! We had a lot of fun!

  44. 1. The big deal about the wedding was the hats. The ones that looked like pie plates worn on the side of the head--how did they keep them on? Also, what about the one worn by the woman who sat behind the Queen at the church? If she paid good money for that monstrosity, she was even loopier than her hat.

    2. I, at least, will never lose interest in Amish culture. We have a cabin in Knox County, OH, built by Amish labor. (Knox County borders Holmes County.) A lovely bookcase and two bedside tables were built by Amish cabinet makers. We see the Amish in Danville, OH. We buy eggs, fresh vegetables, and baked goods from the Amish. I know nothing about horses, but am always entertained by the horse ads in THE VENDOR. They say things like,
    "Woman can drive." "Shies some at large trucks." etc.

    3, I'm learning to cook a new way because my husband's high blood pressure really started to come down when I got serious of eliminating as much salt as I could from our diets. What a challenge! One of our favorites: (serves 4) 2 cups of cooked cut-up chicken, one 16-ounce bag or mixed frozen vegetables, 12 ounces of low-sodium chicken broth, and mashed potatoes from a box. Cook vegetables for about 5 minutes. Heat broth, thickening it with 2 T corn starch. Spread chicken, vegetables, and broth in 9-x-13 pyrex dish. Top with about 3 cups of prepared mashed potatoes. Bake at 350 about 20 minutes.

    4. I grin and bear it, unless they pull the cat's tail.

  45. Forsythia, how did they stay on??? We wondered about that,too!

    That woman behind the queen with the loopy hat, that was the queen's granddaughter. That's the hat we thought was an octopus on top of her head.

  46. I did watch the wedding as I think that after all the bad news in the world recently this was one little bit of happiness. I didn't watch it for the fashion. I just love to hear their vows made to each other and God.

    I think the interest won't wane in the Amish as people see the Amish as leading more simpler and peaceful lives. And I think that's what we all strive for. I'm sure a lot of people see the Amish through rose-coloured glasses.

    Many blessings.

  47. 1. I have no idea why everyone cares so much about the royal wedding, but I am glad they are hitched now lets move on ;)
    2. I think the Amish way of life is great as far as the simple aspects of things...not sure I could live that way grin~ and I don't think the intrest will dwindle anytime soon it seems to be something that we desire a simple way of life when everything seems so complicated (usually brought on by our own actions)
    3. Our favortie recipe is Taco Casserole.
    4. I try to turn the other cheek, distract the children in some way - usually by playing games or cards (we don't have Tv) or we send them outside to play if possible. depending on ages and the degree of mess you are willing to clean playdough also entertains well - and if it is homemade they can eat it and you don't have to worry! Blessings, Lisa

  48. I'm an American and have lived in South Africa for 21 years.

    1.There are a variety of reasons why the royal wedding is a "big deal" to people: boredom, being 'royalists', an excuse for a get-together, curiosity, hope for fairy-tale endings, wish to honour Diana's son & his bride, desire for some good news in a bad-news world (South African news is predominantly filled with crime, politics, economic woes.....and sometimes of the most bizarre variety one can imagine).....and lastly, genuine interest. Of course, like with many things, God's general revelation has been revealed to the world and we are drawn to things of beauty, happiness, ‘familyness’ and weddings. Even though it was a costly affair and there's questionable morals involved for participants & spectators (how many actually know the Lord Jesus as their Lord & Saviour, I mean), the interest remains.

    For me, it was a combo of the curious & desire for some good news and a tiny bit of an excuse for a get-together....albeit a cup of tea & some nice muffins shared w/ my next door neighbour while we watched some of it. My daughter's high school church youth group taped it (we're 1 hr ahead) and just the girls dressed up in the afternoon and watched it while eating tea, scones, cakes etc.

    But, after viewing their wedding and reading about it the next day in our newspapers, I won’t give William & Kate another thought in my day-to-day life.

    2. To be honest, there is not the interest in the Amish culture here in South Africa. My S African husband & I went to a (modern) Mennonite church in Charlottesville, VA in the 1980s and loved the familyness of it all. I didn't know about Amish fiction until recently. I think while some are drawn to the simple & frugal lifestyle, many in the world could care less about the Amish and see them as backward and peculiar and are not drawn to them at all.

    3.I always sound like a rendition of a air stewardess: 'chicken or beef' for the main meal! I've added 'or fish' esp Fish Pie (cooked white fish, white sauce, boiled eggs, chopped tomatoes, spices & herbs layered in deep casserole with cheese & bread crumbs on top cooked for about 40 mins on 180C/350F). The More With Less Cookbook (Mennonite) or Fannie Farmer Cookbook or any Betty Crocker Cookbook have long been my staples more than the Jamie Oliver style ones. And if all else fails, do baked potatoes and add fillings of either a meat or veg.

    4.I once remember when MY son was the rowdy child at a friend's house and how the 'dad' was so apologetic with me, the guest, saying "I'm so sorry that I just had to shout at your son" which I said "no, it's fine, really". LOL

  49. Forgot one of the nicest components to Fish Pie: the baked potato topping before the cheese & bread crumbs!!

  50. As for royal weddings ... I thoroughly enjoyed the serendipity of it all as compared to all the truly tragic reporting/news playing out across the globe.

    As for Amish interest waning ... no way! While I've never had a compelling urge to become Amish myself, I have long admired the adherence to simpler lifestyles and godly pursuits.

    I'm going to pass on the dinner thing ...

    As for unruly children, I am patient to a point before gently yet firmly telling them: You are welcome to play and have a good time at my home, but you'll have to use indoor voices & behavior, and manners. Otherwise, it's "outside with you!" Secretly I'm hoping the parents (usually my own adult children) get the message too :)

    Love your blog!


  51. 1. I'm not sure what the deal is about the royal wedding. I'm mildly interested, but not really much. Maybe people are interested because it's another way of life, or because it's a "commoner" marrying royalty. I don't know. I just love weddings, any wedding...they're such happy occasions.

    2. I don't think interest in the Amish culture will wane any time soon. I think people will always be interested in other cultures and the way others live. Also, Americans (in general) do have a tendency to be nosy/curious at times.

    3. I just made one of our favorites last night...chicken spaghetti. Let me know if you're interested and I'll e-mail it to you.

    4. I don't grin and bear it if it's going to hurt them or others, or if they're going to damage or break my things. I don't have this problem often, and usually people we have over we know very well and don't mind that I just can't let it go on. Typically I don't have to say anything. But I have had to say things in the past. I just say something like "honey, I love that you're having fun here (or whatever you can say that fits here. But I'd really hate for you to get hurt (or for you to break something, whatever fits). Can you please stop, (whatever the behavior it)? Maybe you can do ______________ instead." This keeps it calm and usually don't upset anyone.

  52. the most popular main dish around here lately is a bbq apricot crock pot chicken that i've been making. i don't exactly have a recipe but i use my own variation of this one... and i use much healthier and more natural ingredients... and i add lots of chopped veggies :)

  53. 1. It's magical! A real princess and prince, a beautiful church, carriage rides, and inside peaks at the castle. Let's hope they live happily ever after!

    4. Well, hospitality should be from the heart. We should open our doors and love our guests. But, it's not always fun to have rowdy children in our home. If disobedience is the issue I would correct the behavior.

    I've never had a problem setting rules for children visiting our home. Maybe your children can help with that. I tell my daughter what she can and can't do when she is with other children.

    If the problem is bigger than all of that, the best approach is speaking to their parents. I've had to do that. My experience with this was a good one. My friend received my thoughts about her son's behavior with an open heart. Because of this inviting their family into our home was delightful!

  54. 1) I don't think you missed anything. I didn't watch it (and am kinda glad it's over and I can go back to real news), but did later look at some of the guest's hats. Had no interest in the wedding, but as an artform the British tradition of fancy hats is kinda neat.
    2)As the child of one who left the Amish I can tell you that there has always been interest in the Amish because difference feeds curiosity.
    3)I'm a huge fan of beans and rice, stir-fry, and soup (with good bread).
    4)My favorite phrase in those cases is 'we're all going to sit down at the table, right now!'. I then will explain that everybody has to follow the house rules and ask my children to tell me what they think is the reason I made everybody stop playing (sample rules: no yelling, no throwing indoors, ask before touching another person, ask before touching anything that isn't yours, use your words, share). Then I can ask each child to make a suggestion of an activity that everybody can do.

  55. My thoughts and opinions on questions 1 and 2 have already been stated many times, so I'm skipping to 3 and 4.

    3. I like to cook pork loin in the crock pot all day and serve with potatoes and salad for one meal. The following day, we have pulled pork sandwiches with the left over meat. Roast beef and chicken are also cooked and served in similar fashion. During hot weather, my family enjoys crusty bread, cheeses, grapes, and raw vegetables for supper.

    4. We have a large family (7 children) and often have other families over to visit. If the younger children are rowdy, I send everyone outside to play for awhile. I have occasionally told someone's child politely to stop doing a particular behavior. If the misbehaving child is a friend of one of my older children, my child usually tells their friend about our household rules. If the behavior occurs again, I speak to the child and explain that if they want to be in our home, they need to obey my rules.

    My goal in having the older children speak to their friends is to allow them to be responsible and learn how to handle slightly uncomfortable situations. I'm perfectly happy to let my child make me the "bad guy" in their conversation.

  56. 1. Two young people made a sincere commitment to each other before God and graciously allowed us to witness their marriage. What's not to celebrate?:) I thought the service was reverent and the message of the Bishop was inspiring. It is my prayer that the goodness of this ceremony touches the hearts of those who have been damaged and hurt by Christians and those who have not yet come to know the abundant kindness and love of God. Pen Wilcock writes about the wedding much more eloquently than I ever could...

    2. I think people will continue to focus on the lifestyle choices and 'quaint clothing' of the Amish because generally speaking (note the 'generally') most Amish communities do not speak of their faith to outsiders. If all you see is what you get then Englischers will remain captivated by the seemingly utopian external expressions of being Amish because there is nothing more on offer. Just my Anabaptist opinion.

    3. Homemade roast capsicum and tomato soup with freshly baked olive bread.

  57. 1. As an American, I watched a clip (hours after it happened) of the wedding because:
    A. I was overcome by curiousity.
    B. I like weddings and would prob'ly watch anyone's, as long as I knew it wasn't going to be vulgar or sacriligious.

    2. Umm, it may wane at some point, but not while these "Amish authors" are still popular, I'd say. Most ppl only had a vague notion of who/what the Amish were, until Beverly Lewis and her wildly popular books. Then other authors wanted a piece of the pie, I guess.

    3. Do you fry much fish? My husband is a real fish person. A while back, we started getting the occasional bag of frozen tilapia or swai. I thaw some filets out(takes 2-3 hrs), heat up a big iron skillet with 1/2"-3/4" of oil (on medium, then turn it down somewhat once I start frying). I mix up cornmeal, red pepper flakes and seasoned salt, dredge the filets in it, then fry for 7-8 minutes (or til nicely golden brown, fish is fast!), turning once. Then I drain it on paper towels. The Man loves it with homemade tartar sauce.

    4. Hmm, that's a tough one. We don't have children yet, so I don't really have families with kids over very often. But I have had to tell a child firmly (when mommy is ignoring the madness) not to "do that" or "that's very fragile" or "you're going to get hurt."
    Most parents are defensive enough they'll either jump in and try to control their kids just to keep you from getting after them, or get somewhat huffy, which can sometimes open a conversation about why you don't permit that kind of behavior.
    Sadly though, some people just can't take a hint. They don't get another invitation, or we might "meet" them at a park or something.
    I know that my parents were careful of who we associated with when we were young. They didn't want us influenced by bad behavior, regardless of how much other parents wanted their kids to be around us so we could 'rub off' on them.

  58. I don't see the excitement about the royal wedding either.

    I think the interest in the Amish for the majority of the culture will diminish at some point, my my interest keeps growing the more and more I learn about the culture.

    My family likes my chicken and dumpling casserole (the recipe for this can be found on my blog), hamburger gravy over anything, crockpot spanish rice, bbq meatballs and homemade noodles.

    I will try to distract the children and move them on to something better suited for them, but I will wait for the parents to act first.

  59. 1. When Prince Charles married Lady Diana I was with my parents, driving from my brothers wedding in Washington to our home in Minnesota. We were in a motel in Montana and my Mom and I woke at 3:00 a.m. To watch it. I loved the fairy tale aspect of it and was greatly saddened that it turned out to be such a disaster. My Mom passed away last year. She would have enjoyed the wedding so I watched in and remembered the time with my Mom.

    2. I've been reading books about the Amish since I was a young girl. (I am 48 now.). Several years ago my family vacationed in Lancaster County and I fell in love with the peace and beauty of the area. I asked my husband if we could become Amish and move there. When he said I would have to kill my own chickens for dinner I decided I wasn't tough enough to be Amish! I do admire and respect the Amish and I do wish I could live in such a peaceful place. (currently I am living in Taiwan and it is far from peaceful!). Ayhow, I don't think interest will wane because I ink many people will always yearn for the peaceful, simple way of life.

    3. I'm not kuch of a cook so cannot help with recipes.

    4. Unlike all the other comments I read, I grin and bear it then most likely don't invite them over again. I cannot imagine telling someone their child is annoying me.


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