Friday, April 8, 2011


I find myself having to adjust to changing plans quite often and today has been no different. It's drab and gray outside and raining again which is getting rid of the last remnants of snow.

Our power was off this forenoon for some strange reason and I kept wandering through the house like a lost puppy. It seemed everything I wanted to do was not an option. I couldn't take that extra time to do some baking, the laundry had to wait as well as the majority of my house hold chores. Almost everything was impossible except dusting.

LV was at work so the children couldn't have their usual continued mystery story that he tells when ever the power happens to go off in the evening so we didn't have that to keep us occupied.   

And now since half of the day is gone already I have some majar catching up to do. Thankfully the power is back on which makes it so much easier.


  1. Glad to hear your power was not off for too long. Last winter we got a really bad ice storm where ours was off for 4 days. Luckily we have a generator so could run most of our stuff but not all at once. I hope you catch up with whatever you have to do today.

  2. G'day Mary Ann, glad you didn't have power outage for long. Always makes one be creative when it is out ...

    We are having rain today ... Sunday the warmth starts to arrive. YAY!

    Pop over for our special share today ...

    Have a beautiful weekend.
    TTFN ~

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  3. When our power is off I seize the moment & sit down with my knitting needles. But it's probably still chilly where you live so there is the heat concern. Hope you get caught up soon. It's mid-seventies here today temperature-wise, & we planted tomatoes, peas, watermelons, onions & zinnias. I left a load of light colored clothes in the washing machine washing when we went to garden so they may have set-in wrinkles now - can't stand that, lol. Hope you and yours have a great weekend! :)

  4. Electricity is something we definitely take for granted, don't we?? :)
    I'm glad it's back on for you!

  5. Makes me think alittle of the black-out in New York city in 1977 which i remember.Lets just say it was not pretty, and glad your power is back on. Richard(

  6. There is something quite frightening about being without power, we take it for granted nowadays.

  7. Now what kind of Amish are you,Mary Ann? (said with a joking smile) It took me by surprise to realize that you've gotten used to having electricity to do all those chores that the Amish have other types power to do. I've often said I should have been born in another century, because I think being a pioneer would have been fun. It doesn't take me but two loads of laundry to realize it would NOT have been fun at all!

    I'm glad you're up and running again! Stay warm!

  8. Note to Kathleen-LOL! I used to think the same thing...that I should have been born in the pioneer days. But you're right, when you stop to think about all that laundry by hand...well let's just say some inventions are just marvelous! ;o)

    Mary Ann- Glad your power wasn't out too long. A couple Sunday's ago we came home to a dark house. Our neighbor said that he heard a loud "BOOM!" and that our transformer that we are hooked up to, must have blown. Sitting down on the couch, wondering what in the world we were going to do for the stove..too dark in the dinning room to play a game, etc. We opened up the curtains in the living room and read a chapter in a book together. It was actually really nice b/c it lead to a great conversation. Sometimes electricity going out can be a blessing. Other times, not so much.

  9. Interesting how much our everyday living is geared around electricity. Sometimes, we have a random power outage here, and my mind always begins to race trying to find something that needs to be done, and doesn't need electricity! I even have the power company's phone number in my cell, so I can report it if it stays off for more then a few minutes. It's very helpful to them, esp. if they get multiple calls from one area.

  10. I don't mind the power going off during the day, but night time makes me nervous. I count the candles I light in each room and count them again when I blow them out. Laundry can wait :-) Biggest problem besides heat for us is running water since we have a well and the pump is electric. When we lived in town, we had "gravity" fed water and our gas stove only needed a match to be lit...and I still counted candles :-)

  11. Just goes to show just how much we really have come to rely on things like electricity these days. Not that I'm one to talk... I'm practically always using something electrical... TV, laptop, stereo... Just thinking about how many things are done using electricity now, compared to how things used to be done. I mean, until the last... What? 100 years or so?... We didn't even have electricity. Now, it goes off for a few hours, and we don't know what to do with ourselves.

  12. Joyful Chaos... I love the name! Finding peace in the chaos is my daily mission. Perhaps joy should come first!

    Ah, the drab look of early spring. Yes, we have that here, too. There is so much beauty in the coming of the birds, though. Don't you think? There must be a reason why God brings their colours first. Perhaps, their fluttering about fills the land with colour more quickly.

    Where are you located? Your posts of "coming spring" cause me to wonder.

    Thank you for stopping by His Pen on My Heart and leaving a message. If you were responding to "The Value of Confession," I have to admit that it was a difficult post to write. It took several days to squeeze that one out! I don't know which was more difficult, typing or clicking "publish." Nevertheless, I appreciate your encouragement!


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